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Jorestech E-CBS-10101-220 Continuous Band Sealer & E-Parallax-113 Single Head Linear Weigher (2 Units)

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ID: 183011469
Quantity: 2 Units
Manufacturer: Jorestech
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Model: E-CBS-10101-220

New/Unused Surplus.

Being sold "AS IS, WHERE IS". Buyer is responsible for shipping and handling.

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Original Wholesale Value: $9,041.00
Product Location: Florida, United States
End Time: Bid As Soon As Possible
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Trader: Ana Santos   +1 832 384 9940ASK A QUESTION

Seller Description

These units of Jorestech E-CBS-10101-220 Continuous Band Sealer & E-PARALLAX-113   Single Head Linear Weigher are no longer needed for the company's own operation and are being sold as an asset liquidation for its owner.


  • Equipment: Jorestech Continuous Band Sealer Digital Stainless Steel with Coder and Counter 
  • Model: E-CBS-10101-220
  • Description/Specs:

Industrial-grade machines designed for heavy-duty continuous bag sealing applications. These powerful units will seal bags made with thermoplastic materials including Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP) and heat-sealable laminations. JORESTECH® 1000 Series Continuous Band Sealers are capable of sealing a wide range of bags such as stand-up pouches (Doypack), gusseted bags, pillow-type bags, sachets, barriers bags, etc. Typical products being packaged with these units include Aggregates, Coffee, Chemicals, Spices, Soaps, Sauces, Snacks, Cookies, Chocolates, Cereals, Dyes, Grains, MREs, Pastas, Pet Food, Pastries, Flours, Parts, Tortillas, Vegetables, and many other products. JORESTECH® 1010 Series Band Sealers are configured for vertical operation, where bags sealed are standing straight, a desirable feature when packaging products that will flow out of the bag when positioned horizontally or at an angle. These are robust bag sealing machines designed for heavy-duty continuous bag sealing applications where power, speed, and durability are a must. They include integrated printing coders and motorized conveyors. Read below for more specifications.

Basic Features of the JORESTECH® CBS-1010CIN Continuous Band Sealer:

  • All-in-one continuous high-speed bag sealing system
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Makes strong, professional-looking airtight seals
  • Seals thermoplastic materials including Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), BoPET (ie. Mylar), and heat-sealable laminations and cellulose (ie. Cellophane)
  • Capable of speeds of up to 27 ¼ ft/min (8 mt/min), depending on product/bag seal characteristics
  • Seals bags that are standing (vertical orientation)
  • Includes 8.5 inch (215 mm) wide motorized belt conveyor with synchronized speed adjustment
  • Extremely easy to use and maintain

Machine Characteristics:

  • Non-stick woven PTFE-type guide belts
  • Extra-wide 0.39 inch (10mm) seal
  • Maximum distance from the top of the seal to the edge of bag opening: 40 mm (1 18/32")
  • Minimum bag height when full: 60 mm (2 12/32")
  • Maximum bag height when full: 770 mm (30 5/16")
  • Maximum recommended bag weight: 20 lbs (9 Kg)
  • Equipped with electronic adjustable speed control
  • Equipped with hot-roll printing coder for printing numbers and letters onto the bag
  • Equipped with photo sensor for optimal printing precision
  • Equipped with bag entry guide for easy bag feeding and straight seals
  • Equipped with bag counter
  • Extended forced-air cooling system with extra-wide cooling bars and 6 heat transfer orifices
  • Five-point gap adjustment for optimal bag flow
  • Knurled pressure rollers with variable pressure adjustment
  • Equipped with Digital temperature controller: 0 - 300°C (572°F)
  • Sealing method: Constant heat
  • One pair of bronze sealing bars
  • Minimum bag height from conveyor surface to middle of PTFE seal band: 52 mm ( 2 1/25")
  • Maximum bag height from conveyor surface to middle of PTFE seal band: 722 mm ( 28 14/32")
  • Control panel includes E-Stop (industrial quick-stop switch)
  • Rust-inhibiting stainless steel construction
  • Includes stainless steel pedestal with casters
  • Lines of print: 2
  • Characters per line:20
  • Type Size: 5mm x 3mm

Other Specifications:

  • Fast Warm-Up Time
  • Simple to Use - Minimal Operator Training
  • Electrical: 110V/50-60Hz / 950 Watts
  • Motor Power: 230W
  • Heat Power: 300W x 2
  • 10 Amp protection power surge breaker
  • Machine Weight: 315 lbs (142 kg)
  • Machine Size: 680mm (27") L x 1450mm (57") W x 1480mm (58") H
  • Boxed Weight: 452 lbs (204 Kg)
  • Boxed Size: 711 mm (28") L x 1549 mm (61") W x 1727 mm (68") H


  • Equipment: Jorestech One Head Linear Weighing Stainless Steel System 
  • Model: E-PARALLAX-113
  • Description/Specs:

Measure and dispense products with great accuracy and speed with JORESTECH® PARALLAX line of linear scales. Capable of weighing a wide range of products, from granular powders to small pieces of irregular shapes and sizes; JORESTECH® PARALLAX machines are used to dispense snacks, candies, coffee, chocolates, cookies, pastries, flakes, cheese, vegetables, chemicals, pet food, frozen foods, grains, and pharmaceutical and general use products among others. Users benefit from the increased production capacity, the dependability and ease of use, the reduced operational and material costs, and the compact all-in-one design of the JORESTECH® PARALLAX machine series.

Basic Features:

  • Complete table-top high-precision automatic weighing system.
  • Adaptable: Integrates with automatic packaging & processing machinery or operates as a standalone system for semi-automatic applications.
  • Accurate: Smart weight algorithm and quality weigh cell for precise product measurement.
  • Versatile: Capable of weighing and dispensing a wide variety of product types. Suitable for dry, non-sticky, free-flowing products.
  • Quick: Fast flow design for optimal product movement.

Machine Characteristics:

  • User-friendly HMI with 7" alphanumeric backlit LCD touchscreen and menu-based user interface.
  • Stainless Steel Construction.
  • One vibration linear feeder.
  • Integration-ready for other packaging machines.
  • Capable of retaining up to 9 product configurations in memory.
  • Removable (tool-less) weight bucket.
  • User-defined passport protection.
  • Foot actuation switch.

Other Specifications:

  • Weighing Range: 10 g - 1500 g
  • Number of Scales: 1
  • Weight Bucket Volume: 3 lt. (101 fl. Oz)
  • Machine Speed: Up to 15ppm
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.1 – 1.5 g (0.004 - 0.05 Oz)
  • Main Hopper Capacity: 6.3 gal (24 lt.)
  • Exit Nozzle: +/- 4 in Ø
  • Rust and dustproof
  • Electrical: 220VAC 1Ph/ 50-60Hz
  • Power: 0.80kW

Other Specifications:

  • Shipping Specifications: 34" L x 21" W x 44" H - 198 Lbs

Seller Terms

  • Salvex and the seller have the right to reject any and all offers.
  • This product is sold AS IS, WHERE IS.
  • Buyer is responsible for all taxes, duties, loading and freight charges.
  • Seller does not offer any warranties or manufacturer warranties.
  • Upon receipt of cleared funds, Seller will provide the Buyer a Release Order for item pick up. Title transfers from Seller to Buyer upon issuance of the Release Order.
  • It is Buyer's responsibility to verify quantities and condition at the time of pick up. Once the product has been removed from Seller's location, there will be no adjustments based on quantity or condition.

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