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Mens and Boys Denim Jeans

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ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 19334 Pcs
Product Location: California, United States

Seller Description

This lot of Mens and Boys Denim Jeans is being sold to recover funds for the insurance company. According to the adjuster the load was rejected due to water damage.

Total Number of Packages: 807 cartons containing 19,334 pcs (119 cartons containing 2,856 pcs said to be in prime condition)

  • 298 cartons men’s jeans size 30” to 40”
  • 380 cartons of boy’s jeans size 8-18
  • 129 cartons boy’s jeans size 4-7

Gross Weight: 10,526.25 KG.

Notes from sellers survey:

Approximately half the of the super sacks had been moved outdoors, while the remaining were inside the warehouse.  We opened all 47 super sacks containing goods.  Some of the super sacks held loose packages of goods while others held a mix of loose packages and distressed cartons of goods.  Few of the super sacks held only destroyed cartons and no goods. 

We found a number of the super sacks contained a mix of wetted and dry goods.  There were no sacks with only wet goods.  We found most of the sacks appeared to have dry goods, but our inspection was limited to the top layers within the sacks.

We confirmed that 12 of 47 sacks had wet packages.  We found only dry packages in the remaining sacks.  It apparent that during transload in Kobe, the most distressed and destroyed cartons were packed into the super sacks, as they were in no condition to be restacked or palletized.  We would speculate that the most severely wetted cargo is in the super sacks and in consideration of this, we would suggest it is possible that all the sacks contain some wetted goods.

We opened 20 of the fiberboard cartons and examined the contents.  Most of the cartons were still intact but all were moderately distressed.  We found all the contents to be dry with the exception of 1 carton, in which we found 1 package with some wetting.  In our opinion, the goods in these cartons have the highest salvage potential.

***Please note we are of the opinion that 119 cartons contain prime cargo. The cartons were noted with some compression damages, but the internal cargo showed no signs damage.

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