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Nail Gun Nails

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ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 960 Cartons
Product Location: Louisiana, United States

Seller Description

This load of Nail Gun Nails is being sold for the insurance company.

Update 4/2/2021- Per adjuster- "I have confirmed that the nails have been stored inside the wrecker service’s building since the inspection of the cargo back in November 2020. Please see the attached photos sent to me by the wrecker service showing the location of the salvage product."

These nails are 21 degree angle nails.

  • Manufacturer: Oman 

  • Description: Plastic RH 3" x 0.120 Bright Smooth 4M

  • 960 Cartons Total

  • Weight: Approx: 36,000 Lbs

  • Per seller the nails retail from $50-60/ carton

Condition: The load consisted of 1,056 cartons of nails.  The tow vendor who has stored the salvaged nail gun nails has advised me that 960 boxes (cartons) of nail gun nails were undamaged.  The independent adjuster was able to confirm that the nails that rusted were also the ones that actually became hot enough to melt the plastic cartridge sleeves and burn off the coating that protects the nails.  All of the damaged nails have been disposed of and the remaining 960 cartons are confirmed to be in good condition.  While the boxes did get wet, the nails inside did not rust as their protective coating and plastic cartridge sleeves remained undamaged.

Terms of Sale: The nail cartons must be marked as such..  This would entail the salvage buyer having “very conspicuous”, legible size adhesive stickers printed to stick onto the boxes stating “SALVAGE”.  

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