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Bombardier Global 7500 Aircraft

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ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 1 Unit
Manufacturer: Bombardier
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Product Location: California, United States

Seller Description

This units of Bombardier Global 7500 ­­­­­is no longer needed for company's own operation and is being sold as an asset liquidation for it's owner.

Details are listed below:

  • Item : Bombardier Global 7500
  • Condition : Brand New & Promptly Available
  • Airplane is due to deliver from Bombardier on the 4th quarter 2020. (October / November 2020)
  • This airplane will benefit of an exclusive interior designed by the Alberto Pinto studio.

Options and Customization Selected:

Global regulatory package ( to cover EU OPS1 Operations & export to EASA Member country)
Cockpit printer
Lightning Detection System (LDS)
Noise Cancelling headseats (crew) Qty 3
Sunshield Kit (cockpit)
Lower directional TSS antenna
LH EFB# display unit
Reduced vertical seperation minimum(RSVM)
APU hour meter
Paint- inside main landing gear wheel well doors (Qty2)
Paint- inside main landing gear doord and nose gear doors (Qty 5)
Polish- Engin Cowling Latches
Polish- Rear Bay Door Handel
Poliosh- Surrond of main dorr handle
Polish- Baggage door handle
Next gen data connectivity
24" Bulkhead monitors Qty (2)
Moving Maps with Worl Map Package
Electric Window Blind
Enhanced Sound Proofing (SHELL)
Forward Cabin Bulkhead+ Mid Cabin Bulkhead
Additional Electrical Outlet in the gallery
ADS-B in : Cockpit display of traffic informationn (CDTI)
Predictive Windshear
Vertical Weather
Second Datalink
Ashtrays inside lavatories
Quick Access Recorder(QAR)
Defibrillator (entrance enclosure)
Lightning Detection System(LSD)
Two (2) Tables to be included, in complement to the Baseline flight Deck Table holder
Floor Mat Heaters with Carpet (entrance area)
Floor Mat Heaters with Carpet (zone 1)
Fwd Cabin Bulkhead- LH Door\RH 24" Flush Mount Monitor
32" Stand up Monitor
Zone 3- Surround Sound system (additional PSU speakers, zone amplifier , CMS modification & testing)
Aft Wardrobe-24" Flush Mount Monitor on bulkhead fwd face
Standard Entrance Area-RH Gallery, Small Lavatory & LH Chew Area
Gallery: Espresso Maker
Crew Area- Wardrobe Option+ Mid Overhead Bin(FAR Part91)
Crew area with Fwd Compartment Wardrobe - One storage with coat rod and adjustable\removal shelves
Custom enlarged Crew Area Wardrobe cabinet (in addition to option)
Crew Arera Sliding Door
Crew Area Lounge Seat (21")- Baseline
Partition Access Door and Coat Hook
Lounge Seat- Depth Adjustment (Two(2) Seats)
Zone 1, Master Seat Location(RHS, Facing Fwd)
Zone 1, Single Seat (LHS, Facing Fwd)
Mid Cabin Bulkhead #1- Additional 24" Flush Mount Monitor on Left side facing Fwd (in zone 2)
Mid Cabin Bulkhead #1- RH Pocket Door
Zone 3: custom Credenza: Custom Flip up 32" monitor, w\manually operated mechanism (push latch & dampened closing system)
32" Monitor unit
Media Center Unit, HDMI, USB & Outlet , mise , Low Drawer & Shelves behind hinged doors
Aft Wardrobe: Custom safe unit to be installed in Fwd section, bottom panel
Paint Scheme 2 tones color paint on fuse 
Exterior Paint: one (1) additional stripes incl, winglets
PSU Handrail- veneer
PSU Light Cluster- Veneer
Custom veneer layout with combination of grain direction design, along with laser-cut marquetery and metallic inalys . Summary of various application locations
ALL cabinets partitions and buldheadsw/ grain  direction design . Additional laser-cut marquetery and metallic inalys
gallery bi-fold doors
Fwd & Aft lavatory bulkheads
All tables
Aft wardrobe doors
Fwd lavatory- stone countertop, with plated sink
Aft lavatory - stone countertop , with plated sink
Fwd & Aft lavatory- marble stone specific section upcharge (both lavs)
Gallery- corian countertop
Custom window shade color( to match Priphery materials- Almond)

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