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MD Cowan Single Drilling Rig (Equipped with CAT Engine, RT400B Drawworks, Mud Pumps, etc.)

ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 1 Rig
Manufacturer: MD Cowan
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Product Location: Texas, United States

Seller Description

This MD Cowan Single Drilling Rig ­­­­­is no longer needed for the company's own operation and is being sold as an asset liquidation for its owner.

Description: This rig was part of a fleet of highly efficient Range III Mechanical Super Singles.  

-  Range 3 Mechanical Super Single Drilling Rig
-  Maximum Vertical Depth 3,800 m. (12,500 ft.) with 4” Drill Pipe
-  250 Ton Hydraulic Power Swivel
  • Derrick equipped with Crown Block and Power Swivel.
  • Substructure equipped with Pipe Handling System (one Skid).
  • Skid with Dog House, Accumulator & Mechanical Workshop.
  • Rig Carrier equipped with CAT C18 Engine and RT400B Drawworks.
  • Skid equipped with Mud Pump #1 and CAT 3508 Engine.
  • Mud Tank equipped with hopper and one (1) centrifugal pump.
  • Mud Tank (Trap, Return, Intermediated 1 & 2)
  • Mud Tank (Slug & Suction) equipped with hopper and one (1) centrifugal pump.
  • Trip Tank Skid with two (2) centrifugal pumps
  • Water Tank (closed-top tank) equipped with two (2) centrifugal pumps.
  • Diesel Tank equipped with two (2) transfer centrifugal pumps.
  • Skid with the following components:
    •  13-5/8”, 5M, Annular BOP
    •  Lube System with tank, two (2) centrifugal pumps and control panel.
  • Skid with Poor Boy & Choke Manifold.
  • Skid with Engine House with CAT C18 engine, hoses, oil drums and other parts in one side (unlocked doors) & Workshop (locked doors).
  •  Four (4) locked containers (all 4 loads are arranged next to each other):
    •  2 ea. x 20 ft
    •  2 ea. x 40 ft 20. One (1) 40 ft locked container.
  • Skid with Vent/Burner Pipe.
  • Skid with Burner Tank (different pipes and junk inside, including power tong).
  • Skid with vent/burner lines.
  • One (1) Camper (all doors are locked).
  • Three tool pipe boxes with:
    • Two (2) pairs of pipe racks.
    • One (1) pair of pipe rack & one (1) pair of Link
    • Subs, Spider, Bell Nipple, control houses, others.
    • One (1) pair of pipe rack & Ladders.
  • Drill Pipes 4", Range III

Additional Components.

The following components are stacked together with the previously identified rig components, but shouldn’t belong to the Rig 837:

  • Blue Container with “Iron Derrickman” control and unlocked warehouse.
  • CAT 930H Loader equipped with fork and three additional accessories.

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