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Airbus A321 Aircraft Parts: Actuator, Smoke Detector, MDDU, Valve, & More (73 Parts)

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ID: 183000903
Quantity: 73 Parts
Manufacturer: Airbus
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Condition: All the items are "as is, where is". Buyer is responsible for loading, freight and logistics to final destination.
# of Bids: 0 PLACE A BID
Product Location: Middle East
End Time: Bid As Soon As Possible
Time Remaining: Bid As Soon As Possible
Trader: Nicholas Vasconcelos    +1 832 514 4360ASK A QUESTION

Seller Description

This units of ­­­­­Aircraft Parts: Actuator, Smoke Detector, MDDU, Valve, WXR CONTROL PANEL & More is no longer needed for company's own operation and is being sold as an asset liquidation for it's owner.

Details are listed below:

P/N S/N Description Status Certif date Certif Type year
355-3 673 2500BTU/HR AIR CHILLER O/H 15/Dec/2015 FAA 2002
355-3 674 2500BTU/HR AIR CHILLER Repaired 15/Dec/2015 FAA 2002
830A0000-04 02825 ACTUATOR Repaired 23/Dec/2002 TCAA 1999
761B0000-01 04448 ACTUATOR-INLET O/H 09/Nov/2012 EASA 2003
D23076000-3B L2723 ACTUATOR-UNLOCKING Inspected  11/Feb/2004 JAA 2003
64141-580-1 Q09163007651 ALTIMETER-STANDBY O/H 07/Jun/2006 EASA 2002
64141-580-1 Q9163007606 ALTIMETER-STANDBY O/H 09/Aug/2012 EASA 2002
821-12-21-11 363481 B/C SGL W(T/T+VA+READ LT) AR (Ser) 05/Apr/2013 Ser Label 2002
785-002-7 785002IN4555 BMC-BLEED MONITORING COMP Inspected  28/Jan/2013 EASA 2003
CG1151AC03 0888 C.D.U. Inspected  02/Mar/2009 EASA  
CG1151AC03 1722 C.D.U. Repaired 16/Oct/2009 EASA  
249264-01 A0628850 CA ASSY VCC-SEB New 08/May/2007 EASA 2007
249264-01 A0628851 CA ASSY VCC-SEB New 08/May/2007 EASA 2007
Z050H001S011 050H00005993 CABIN ASSIGNMENT Inspected  24/Dec/2014 EASA 2005
Z050H001S011 050H00006147 CABIN ASSIGNMENT Inspected  24/Dec/2014 EASA 2005
600629-00-500 20384 CONTROL BOX, CARGO Repaired 15/Oct/2007 EASA 2003
S1820513-02 J088-0039 CONTROL PANEL New 04/Oct/2001 JAA 2002
102103 476 CONTROLLER ECU 075 New 07/May/2003 JAA 2003
759D0000-02 2545 CONTROLLER-PACK Repaired 26/Feb/2016 EASA 2003
775D0000-01 02404 CONTROLLER-ZONE Inspected  08/Mar/2010 EASA 2003
775C0000-04 00621 CONTROLR Repaired 11/Feb/2011 EASA 2003
Z040H000820A 040H00012478 DECODER ENCODER UNIT B Repaired 08/Jan/2014 EASA 2000
Z040H000820A 040H00012507 DECODER ENCODER UNIT B Repaired 27/Aug/2015 EASA 2000
PPA1102-00 6528 DETECTOR-SMOKE Repaired 31/May/2012 EASA 2003
PPA1102-00 7264 DETECTOR-SMOKE Repaired 04/Nov/2011 EASA 2003
Z010H000521A 010H00005560 DIRECTOR Inspected  15/Jul/2011 EASA 2003
115370-1216 4277 FCDC-FLIGHT CONTROL DATA Repaired 24/May/2016 EASA 2003
C20466000-1 31113 HUB OUTER MAIN O/H 16/Nov/2011 EASA 2005
10087-0102 0382 INDICATOR-MULTITANK New 03/Nov/2003 FAA 2003
64050-866-1 Q09745006688 INDICATOR-STANDBY AIRSPEE Repaired 20/Jun/2014 EASA 2002
Z292H0000110 292H00000096 MASTER CONT. UNIT (MCU) Repaired 06/Feb/2012 EASA 2002
Z292H0000110 292H00000139 MASTER CONT. UNIT (MCU) Repaired 11/Oct/2011 EASA 2002
Z292H0000110 292H00000244 MASTER CONT. UNIT (MCU) Repaired 06/Nov/2013 EASA 2002
AC68A200 1967 MDDU AR (Ser) 30/Nov/2016 Ser Label 2003
AC68A200 2235 MDDU AR (Ser) 23/Jan/2017 Ser Label 2003
AC68A200 4357 MDDU AR (Ser) 08/Nov/2016 Ser Label 2003
AC68A200 4491 MDDU AR (Ser) 23/Jan/2017 Ser Label 2003
AC68A200 4500 MDDU AR (Ser) 05/Feb/2017 Ser Label 2003
AC68A200 5369 MDDU Repaired 08/Jul/2014 EASA 2003
AC68A200 5170 MDDU       2003
AC68A200 5243 MDDU       2003
AC68A200 4106 MDDU       2003
2041214-0401 MBA4B-03383 MOUNT-RT WEATHER RDR New 29/Jan/2003 FAA 2003
RD-AX6713-52 001664 P C U Inspected  22/Jan/2006 EASA 2006
RD-AX6714-52 001668 P C U Inspected  12/Jan/2006 EASA 2006
Z020H0001112 020H00002322 PANEL-PROGRAMMING AND TES Repaired 16/Feb/2009 EASA 2000
20217-0101 293A PROBE-FQI New 11/Mar/2003 FAA 2003
F9259023704400 05021 PSU Repaired 29/Nov/2007 EASA  
F9259023704400 12000 PSU Repaired 29/Nov/2007 EASA  
749198-202A H2317 RESERVOIR-HYDRAULIC Repaired 09/Sep/2011 EASA 2011
A25461-104B H2591 SELECTOR-AUTOMATIC Inspected  09/Sep/2014 EASA 2003
C24703003 H2439 SELECTOR-PARKING BRAKE Repaired 03/Jan/2012 EASA 2003
777A0000-01 08779 SELECTOR-TEMPERATURE Inspected  06/Aug/2013 EASA 2003
777A0000-01 08780 SELECTOR-TEMPERATURE Inspected  19/Sep/2013 EASA 2003
767A0000-04 04736 SENSOR-TEMPERATURE Repaired 10/Mar/2016 EASA 2003
C20103520 12492 SERVO VALVE          Repaired 22/Feb/2012 EASA  
80171003-503 300443 SINGLE TEAC TAPE PLAYER Repaired 30/Jan/2013 FAA 2012
80171003-503 301149 SINGLE TEAC TAPE PLAYER Repaired 01/Oct/2012 FAA 2012
80171003-503 301183 SINGLE TEAC TAPE PLAYER Repaired 30/Jan/2013 FAA 2012
733A0000-01 0668 SOLENOID VALVE New 17/Jun/2003 JAA 2003
MXP801-10 SE03887 STOWAGE BOX ASSY Repaired 24/Nov/2011 EASA 2003
3802045 NSN001 VALVE ASSY Inspected  04/Sep/2003 JAA 2003
748A0000-08 03665 VALVE-ANTI ICING Repaired 26/May/2008 EASA 2003
A25316-101B H3244 VALVE-DUAL SHUTTLE Inspected  09/Sep/2011 EASA 2003
114079017 DH-0313-03 VALVE-SELECTOR,GEAR Repaired 29/Oct/2009 EASA 2003
80271005-502 280331 VE-801SS VIDEO PLAYER Repaired 19/Nov/2014 FAA 2012
2041444-0404 DAA4A-31275 WEATHER RADAR ANTENNA     Repaired 10/Jan/2016 FAA 2014
831A0000-05 02701 WING TIP Repaired 09/Nov/2001 EASA 1999
2041220-3231 C0N4B-06232 WXR CONTROL PANEL         Inspected  02/Dec/2016 EASA 2005
2041220-3231 C0N4B-05554 WXR CONTROL PANEL         Repaired 11/Feb/2014 EASA 2005
2041220-3231 C0N4B-06269 WXR CONTROL PANEL         Repaired 24/Nov/2011 EASA 2005
2041220-3231 C0N4B-06552 WXR CONTROL PANEL         Repaired 01/Oct/2014 FAA 2005

Seller Terms

  • Salvex and the seller have the right to reject any and all offers.
  • This product is sold AS IS, WHERE IS.
  • Buyer is responsible for all taxes, duties, loading and freight charges.
  • Seller does not offer any warranties or manufacturer warranties.
  • Upon receipt of cleared funds, Seller will provide the Buyer a Release Order for item pick up. Title transfers from Seller to Buyer upon issuance of the Release Order.
  • It is Buyer's responsibility to verify quantities and condition at the time of pick up. Once the product has been removed from Seller's location, there will be no adjustments based on quantity or condition.

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