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Cessna 340 Aircraft (1 Unit)

ID: 182997903
Quantity: 1 Aircraft
Manufacturer: Cessna Aircraft Company
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Model: 340

See photos for a better idea of conditions. If wanted the seller can deliver the plane in flyable condition. 

  • Both engines: TSN 1096,92 h, no overhaul yet
  • Both propellers: TSN 1094,25 TSO 193,5 h
  • Total Airframe Time : 4120,15h
  • Avionics list – list any avionics that do not work. NONE.
  • Does aircraft have options like boots / deice / air conditioning. RAM IV -340. De-ice and boots. No air conditioning. Set of belly antennas for broadcasting cap & STOW (EASA mod). 
  • Does aircraft have complete logbooks since new: YES
  • Does aircraft have damage history. It has several inside and outside cosmetic defects. 
  • Is aircraft currently airworthy: NO.
  • What items on aircraft do not work. NOT KNOWN. Will check. 
  • Can aircraft acquire an Export C of A. YES. 
  • Where is aircraft located. Madrid. “Cuatro

Being sold "AS IS, WHERE IS". Buyer is responsible for shipping and handling.

# of Bids: 20 PLACE A BID
Original Wholesale Value: $312,000.00
Product Location: Spain
End Time: Bid As Soon As Possible
Time Remaining: Bid As Soon As Possible
Trader: Hurcan Asik   +1 (832) 699 0216 ASK A QUESTION

Seller Description

The Cessna 340 is a twin piston engine pressurized business aircraft that was manufactured by Cessna.

The 340 was conceived as a cabin-class development of the successful Cessna 310.

The 340 is a six-seat aircraft, with four passenger seats, an aisle and an airstair door. The tail and landing gear were based on the Cessna 310's units, while its wings were from the Cessna 414. The 340's primary selling feature was its spacious, pressurized cabin, the first in a light twin.

Work on the 340 began in 1969, and the first aircraft was delivered in 1971, behind schedule because one of the prototypes crashed during flight testing in 1970.

The early models have two turbocharged Continental TSIO-520-K engines with 285 hp (214 kW) each. Starting in 1976, the engines were upgraded to the more powerful Continental TSIO-520-NB engines of 310 hp (233 kW). This variant is known as the 340A and it also features smaller 75.5-inch (1,920 mm) diameter propellers to reduce noise and meet ICAO Annex 16 noise requirements.


General characteristics

Crew: one pilot

Capacity: five passengers

Length: 34 ft 4 in (10.46 m)

Wingspan: 38 ft 1 in (11.61 m)

Height: 12 ft 7 in (3.84 m)

Wing area: 184 sq ft (17.1 m2)

Airfoil: NACA 23018 (root) NACA 23015 (tip)

Empty weight: 3,921 lb (1,779 kg)

Max takeoff weight: 5,990 lb (2,717 kg)

Powerplant: 2 × Continental TSIO-520-NB air-cooled flat-six engines, 310 hp (230 kW) each



Maximum speed: 244 kn (281 mph, 452 km/h)

Stall speed: 82 kn (94 mph, 152 km/h)

Range: 1,406 nmi (1,618 mi, 2,604 km)

Service ceiling: 29,800 ft (9,100 m)

Rate of climb: 1,650 ft/min (8.4 m/s)

Seller Terms

  • Salvex and the seller have the right to reject any and all offers.
  • This product is sold AS IS, WHERE IS.
  • Buyer is responsible for all taxes, duties, loading and freight charges.
  • Seller does not offer any warranties or manufacturer warranties.
  • Upon receipt of cleared funds, Seller will provide the Buyer a Release Order for item pick up. Title transfers from Seller to Buyer upon issuance of the Release Order.
  • It is Buyer's responsibility to verify quantities and condition at the time of pick up. Once the product has been removed from Seller's location, there will be no adjustments based on quantity or condition.

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