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All Listings > Building Materials > Electrical Supplies > Electrical Surplus Inventory: Amerlux HDL-HP-RA-A17-MWW-WF-27, Atlas LED Alpha, Culux 254JKE, Graco 24N690, etc in Texas

Electrical Surplus Inventory: Amerlux HDL-HP-RA-A17-MWW-WF-27, Atlas LED Alpha, Culux 254JKE, Graco 24N690, etc in Texas

ID: 182997792
Quantity: 1 Lot

Surplus Electrical Supply. It is on pallets. Roughly 35 pallets.  Some can be combined to use less pallets.  Seller can load with our forklift.  No charge.

The Auction will be ended when the seller receives an acceptable offer

Please see photos provided for an idea of current condition.

Being sold "AS IS, WHERE IS". Buyer is responsible for shipping and handling.

Buyer must verify quality and quantity before removing lot from the location.

If you require any further information. Please contact

# of Bids: 7 PLACE A BID
Asking Price: Please log in to view Asking Price.
Original Wholesale Value: $75,000.00
Product Location: Texas, United States
End Time: Bid As Soon As Possible
Time Remaining: Bid As Soon As Possible
Trader: Onur Kaytan   832 426 2003ASK A QUESTION

Seller Description

This lot of ­­­­­Electrical Surplus Inventory is no longer needed for company's own operation and is being sold as an asset liquidation for its owner.

Details are listed below:

Name & Possible Model Number Description Qty
Amerlux HDL-HP-RA-A17-MWW-WF-27 3.5" Round Adjustable Downlight Matte White Wide Flood 45 degree 2700 color temp 57
Amerlux HDL-HP-R-REM.17.LED.E.120 3.5 Round Lensed Downlight LED Hornet HP 15
Amerlux HDL-HP-R-REM.17.LED.E.277 3.5 Round 30
Amerlux HDL-HP-R-REM-A14.18.277 3.5 Round 5
Amerlux HDL-HPX-RLD.MWW.2700 3.5 Round 5
Atlantic lighting LED4ADJ VR 6 Beam Angle Adjustable Accent Light, 20 watt, 3000K (80 CRI), 120V, L3D, 90 CRI effects lumens per watt 10
Atlas LED Alpha  series  SLP22270 LEDT54KU 270 watt area light 4KT5 optics  3
Bruck Lighting 137310 Ledra Chroma Adjustable Unit Light 10 Watt LED Spot Light w/ reflector Shade 4
Cooper Halo 1421W MR16 Conre Trim Matte White 6
Cooper Lighting MPEP-22/28-250-MT (MPEP-22/28-250-MT-OR-Q-QLL)?  Lumark Low-Bay Industrial Light 5
Culux 254JKE   6
DMF DRD2 4" LED Round retrofit 750 Lumen Module 4
DMF lighing DRDHRIC5   18
DMF lighting D821CSFWR Clear REF/white ring  1
DMF lighting DRD2TR5SWH   60
DMF lighting DRDHRIC5 5" LED IC remodel housing  5
EcoSense trov L50 INT (L50-I-12-02-40-80 Multi 55x25)   98
Edwards Signaling 6536-G5 Mini horn strobe 24v ac/dc clear lense  18
Edwards Signaling 7005-G5 hotel Room Annunciator Kit 1
Elco lighting EL55RICA  5" Airtight IC Shallow Remodel Housing 29
Element E3R DN F LO 927 2 D N I 3" Round Low Output 90 CRI 2700K 2-Step 25 Degree Beam Spread LED Fixed Downlight 5
Focal Point FL6H-RO-7000L-30K-NFL-120-L11-T 6" Celing Downlight 8
Focal Point FLC3D-RO-1500L-120-L11-T-BH 3.5" Downlight 6
Focal Point FLC3W-RO-1500L-120-L11-T-BH 3.5" Downlight 8
Focal Point FLCS44-SO-2000L-930K-NFL-120-L3D-T-BH 4.5" Square 3
Focal Point FTRL-INT2 LED Slot Light between wall and celing 1
Focal Point L6H-RD-DN-CD-WP 6" Downlight 4
Focal Point LC3-RO-1500L-30K-WWT--CD-WP 3.5" Downlight 11
GM lighting SLCB-24-27-WH  Driverless LED Linear Undercabinet Lightbar  72
GM lighting SLD-HW-72 72" Lightbar To Power Connection Accessory box
Gotham 213A88 ALED 35/18 6 MVOLT HSG 3
Gotham 213EKE ALED 6WR Trim U 10
Gotham 2519S4 EVO 35/10 6 WD MVOLT GZ10 4
Graco 24N690 Cord Reel Enclosure and Spacer Bracket 6
Graco 24Y867 Black Cord Reel, Fluorescent Light w/Single Tooll Tap 35' 12
Halo E4TATSB E26 4" Steel Recessed Lighting Housing New Construction Ceiling, NON-IC, Air Tite w/Adjustable Socket Bracket 12
Halo ET400RATSB (E4RTATSB) 4" Retrofit Housing-E26 Edison Socket 4
Hubbell Dual lite lite forms collections URK  Universal recess kit for LE SERIES edge lite exit signs  1
Hubbell PW1SBA  Low profile wall track -non metallic surface raceway- standard box 6
Hubbell Wiegmann RSCG080860 8X8X60 NEMA3R Screw cover weather proof rain tight gutter junction box wall mount  1
Hubble lighting STF802WT Prescolite BE680900 1
Indy L6 (HW CD PF)  6" Round L-Series Hyperbolic Wall Wash Trim 3
Intense lighting item#1200   24
Intense lighting NORD 144660 ICL-LEDG2L 127-1-D101-BNF32-MOD  15
Intense lighting NORD 144660 IP2-4FK-2-TL 3
Intense lighting NORD 144664 MXG2RTL1L02724BD101  34
Intense lighting NORD 144664 MXG2RTL2LO2712BD101 3
Iris systems  11736969   2
Juno 204HYP3-HZ-WH 5" LED Hyperbolic Reflector Trim, Haze Cone, White Trim Ring 56
Juno 205W-WH  5" LED Line Voltage Baffle Trim, White Baffle, White Trim 6
Juno 210N WH  5" LED, Line Voltage, Compact Fluorescent, Shower Trim, White Trim 282
Juno 27C-HW 6" Clear Alzak Cone with White Trim 6
Juno 2LEDDRIVER G2 06LM 120 FRPC Recessed Lighting 2" LED Gen 2 Driver Assembly 600 lumens, 120V 15
Juno 4-23302-G3-PD  Type "B"  2
Juno 445 WH  4" Line Voltage, Low Voltage, Adjustable Slot Trim, GU10 Base, White Trim 576
Juno IC1W  Double Wall Miniature Recessed Universal Housing Type; 6 Inch; New Construction Installation 12
Juno IC20LED (G4 09LM 27K 90CRI 120 FRPC) IC Rated New Construction Recessed Housing 66
Juno IC23W Air-Loc 1-Light 6-Inch Housing 12
Juno IC25 Aculux IC shallow incandescent housing 4
Juno IC44N  Recessed Lighting  4" Low Voltage IC type New Construction Housing 22
Juno Indy L6 (13LM 27K 120 G4 90CRI FD)  6" L-Series New Construction Downlight 13 Lumens LED 18
Juno Indy L6 (23LM 27K 120 G4 90CRI FD) 6" L-Series New Construction Downlight 27 Lumens LED 4
Juno Indy L600HW-CS-WH 6" LED Hyperbolic Trim, Open Reflector, Wide Distribution, Clear Satin Low Iridescent Alzak Finish, White Flange 24
Juno LRM6 6" L-Series Remodel Downlight 6
Juno R21WH Trac Lites End Feed Connector and Outlet Box Cover, White Color 1
Juno R551-WH 120v Flared Step Track Lighting Head for PAR20 6
Juno T41WH Duo Point Adapter, Line Volt 7
Juno TC20LED-G4-09LM-27K-90CRI-MVOLT-EZ10 LED Downlight, New Construction, 5", 900 Lumen, Non-IC 237
Juno TC44R  4" Low Voltage New Construction Housing 163
Juno TC920LEDG4-3K-U 5" LED Housing 900 Lumens, 3000K Color Temperature, Universal Driver 120-277V 12
Kurt versen A1238-113512SS  4" fixture 1000F  6
Kurt Versen A1238-94-SS cone  4" fortimo 11/35DL S/A softsheen  1
Lightolier 2003R  Lytecaster 3-3/4" Non-IC Remodel Incandescent Housing 11
Lithonia lighting *223WRT 4" matte white baffle  14
Lithonia lighting *225PF9 40PAZ TRMW R12    96
Lithonia lighting 223WTI 5" white baffle  8
Lithonia lighting 224VNN    1
Lithonia lighting 262RR5  6" LED 3000K MVOLT matte white ultra-thin LED wafer down light  173
Lithonia lighting 606A  6" vertical clear diffuse compact fluorescents commercial reflector  1
Lithonia lighting 65BRMW LED 30K 90 CRI M6   78
Lithonia lighting 941249 6" clear semi specular  150
Lithonia lighting ELA T QWP L0309 M12  Gray cast aluminum twin outdoor remote  1
Lithonia lighting L5 PHC R6   84
Lithonia lighting L7XRLED T24 R6   48
Lithonia lighting LF6N 1/26-42TRT MVOLT    1
Lithonia lighting LF6N W/26-42 TRT MVOLT    20
Lumark R22 22" Aluminum Low-Bay Reflector 5
Lumen Werx  LN1-24FT 8INX12FT8IN-RAMP-A 3
Lutron LTEA4U1UKL-CV240  LED Driver 5 to 40W, 24VDC, 120VAC, 380 Ma 78
Nora NSR-404QAT/ 4" Incandescent Remodel Airtight Housing 30
Philips Advance 781087114445   40
Philips Bodine BSL17C-C2 Emergency LED Driver, 7 Watts Output Power 49
Philips C6RVPWH   33
Philips Chloride 781370614928   5
Philips Chloride 781470632311   3
Philips Gardco SFA-64L-850-NW-G2-5 SlenderForm Arm Mount LED (SFA-64L-850-NW-G2-AR-5-UNV-SPA1-BZ) 1
Philips Lightolier 013CDS    2
Philips lightolier 1013CD    2
Philips lightolier 783238154447 4" non IC HSG par20 50watt Housing 4
Philips lightolier 8610EWH   9
Philips lightolier 8672WH   7
Philips lightolier 912400546896 6" Calculite LED Round GEN 3 6
Philips lightolier 913400539161    6
Philips lightolier C3L085A0130K9NFVB   3
Philips lightolier C3L085NUZ10VVB  Calculite 3" Lighting Frame 1
Philips lightolier C6RDLCC  6" Recessed Downlight Calculite White Flange 5
Philips lightolier P6RDD    1
Philips Stonco Avalume Ava M-K  Horizontal Lamp Wall Canopy Bronze Paint 2
Philips translite USL-RM-CL   1
Porfolio 4LNOLI    2
Porfolio 6LBM0LI  Cooper Lighting 6" LED Downlight Trim, 6" Medium Beam Reflector, Polymer Ring, Specular Clear Finish 1
Portfolio 12114785  cataolg #LD409DLUT  2
Portfolio 12303134  6" horizontal prismatic lensed reflective SFWF  8
Portfolio 12405151   4
Portfolio 1240597   1
Portfolio CD6142E  Cooper Lighting 6" Recessed Horizontal Downlight Housing 7
Prescolite 6C3SSWT    1
Prescolite 6CFH1 Downlight 6" CFL Housing Reflector Recessed Trim 3
Prescolite AKTS LED 435KMD25PS BL     
Prescolite CFT832EB 8" Vertical Regressed High Impact Lens Downlight 1
Prescolite CFTW832EB 8" Spread Lens Wall Wash Downlight 31
Prescolite LF6LEDG4 LED Recessed Light Housing 6" 120v LiteFrame 4
Prescolite ST812PB   1
Prescolite ST812PB   35
Progress Lighting P3931-20 Transitional 3 light pendant from insprire collection (dark finish-antique bronze) 1
Progress Lighting P5065-20 Inspire 1 Light 7" Antique Bronze Mim Pendant Ceiling Light 1
ROHS #SCC-60ST-2 Inverter shade cover   1
Simkar SK53-00130   1
Simplex 4100-2300 Phase 10 Only Expansion Bay 1
Tech lighting 700CQSS-LED Cirque Satin Nickle Small 2700K LED 120 Volt Flush Mount 41
Tech lighting 700MOCCAPS Monorail endcap satin nickle  10
Tech lighting 700MOS03S Monorail  3.5" rigid stand off  25
Tech lighting 700MOSRT15ES Surface monorail transformer  1
Tech lighting 700MOTLM06S Tellium Spotlight 6" 14
TMS lighting FTB Flat top bollard, 8" dia x 42" ht, Architectural Bronze, 19w LED, 4000K, 120V, Emergency integrel CF,  2
Trinity Lighting 54402K-D-IHG SPG-409/SCG-409/CGR-402 Ceiling Mount Light at Kitchen 10
USAI Lighting  6021 LRTD6 Housing, 80W LED, C2 Engine, 3000K 80 CRI, 40 degree beam, New Construction 1-1/8" Max Ceiling Thickness, 120v, EldoLED 0-10v 1% 1quot; Regress 6" Downlight 3
Uttermost 21923 LT pendant  Carolyn Kinder Levone 1 LT Pendant 6
Vista 1115 Black Crowned Frosted Lens w/Clear Circle 277v transformer input Ingound Well Light w/Integrated Transformer 2


Seller Terms

  • Salvex and the seller have the right to reject any and all offers.
  • This product is sold AS IS, WHERE IS.
  • Buyer is responsible for all taxes, duties, loading and freight charges.
  • Seller does not offer any warranties or manufacturer warranties.
  • Upon receipt of cleared funds, Seller will provide the Buyer a Release Order for item pick up. Title transfers from Seller to Buyer upon issuance of the Release Order.
  • It is Buyer's responsibility to verify quantities and condition at the time of pick up. Once the product has been removed from Seller's location, there will be no adjustments based on quantity or condition.

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