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Metal Roofing (4,500 Square Ft) in Oregon

Metal Roofing (4,500 Square Ft) in Oregon
ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 4500 SF
Product Location: Oregon, United States

Seller Description

This Metal Roofing was involved in an insurance claim and is being sold by the insurance company to recover funds from loss. 

Details are listed below:

Product : 4500 SF of Metal Roofing

Instalation Date : 2013

The roof measures are actually 5,467 square feet but a couple hundred square feet came off the roof in the storm and were disposed of by the insured before adjuster's inspection 

With the demolition, labor, and disposal costs, the replacement cost loss is at $36,877.01. The roofing materials were installed in 2013. 

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