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Gorilla Gym - Gym1 Adult and Youth Home Doorway Gym Systems

ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 1 Lot
Product Location: New Jersey, United States

Seller Description

This lot of Gorilla Gym - Gym 1 Adult and Youth Home Gym Systems is being sold in an asset liquidation sale.  There is no damage to this lot.  Salvex is collecting bids for the immediate sale of this lot.

Great lot for Christmas and holiday sales and is a item that sells year round.

SKU Product Description QTY Unit Price EXT
001-GYM Gym1 Core Unit Pull Up Bar                 52  $    129.99  $        6,759.48
001-GGYM-AMZ Gym1 Core Unit Pull Up Bar                 13        129.99            1,689.87
002-PFIT-NG Air Straps with DVD                  66          69.99            4,619.34
003-PCHI-1-BL Indoor Swing Package Blue                   9          79.99               719.91
003-PCHI-1-SB Indoor Swing Package - Blue                 20          79.99            1,599.80
003-PCHI-1-SB-AMZ Blue Swing Package - Amazon                   5          79.99               399.95
003-PCHI-1-SR Indoor Swing Package - Red                 49          79.99            3,919.51
003-SB-CBOX Swing Blue Cardboard Box - recondiitoned                 31          74.99            2,324.69
006-FPUE Pull Up Extender                 58          19.95            1,157.10
008-FABS Ab Straps                 15            9.99               149.85
009-FSTR Air Straps - comes with DVD                 18          69.99            1,259.82
017-CROP Climbing Rope                 80          24.95            1,996.00
019-CRIN Rings - SOLD PART OF THE KIDS Gym PLAY SET                 13            9.99               129.87
020-PYOG-2 Aerial Yoga Package 2.0                 10          99.95               999.50
021-PIPG Kids Deluxe Package               407          99.90          40,659.30
021-PIPG-CBOX Kids Deluxe cardboard box - reconditioned                  84          89.95            7,555.80
021-PIPG-E Gym1 Kids Deluxe E                   7          99.90               699.30
024-EVGL Vice Grip Extenders                 64            9.95               636.80
025-PCFT Complete Fitness Package                   2          89.95               179.90
026-CBNR Carabiners               120            9.95            1,194.00
028-PKDS Kids Package                 64          79.99            5,119.36
028-PKDS-CBOX Kids cardboard box                   1          79.99                 79.99
029-CCOC Cocoon Swing                   9          69.95               629.55
031-FRES Elastic Bands and Strap                 10          19.95               199.50
511-PDIPG Deluxe Indoor Playground (core unit + 5 attachments)                   1        159.95               159.95
761-CCTSW Compact Toddler Swing Seat                   1          99.99                 99.99
862-YSWBH Yoga Swing (Blue) for Gym1 (No extension ropes)                 12          39.95               479.40
P01-BOLTBAG Bolt Bag or Blister Pack                 44            9.95               437.80
P01-CRVB-01 Curved Bars (1)                  42            9.95               417.90
P01-CVRB-01 Curved Bar                 22            9.95               218.90
P01-FULLBAR Full Bar - Parts 3 and 4                  42          19.95               837.90
P01-HZPB-02 Horizontal Plastic Bar                 35            9.95               348.25
P01-VGRP-567 Vice Grip Pack (Parts 5, 6, 7)                    2          29.95                 59.90
P25-SHFBR Shorter main bar for narrow hallways                   1          14.95                 14.95
P34-FULBA Parts 3 and 4 - Main metal bar (left and right half)                 18            7.99               143.82
R-001-GGYM Refurbished Core Unit                 14         119.99            1,679.86
R-003-PCHI-1-SB Refurbished Indoor Blue Swing Package                   6          29.99               179.94
R-021-PIPG Refurbished Kids Deluxe                 60          69.95            4,197.00
R-028-PKDS Refurbished Kids Deluxe                 42          69.95            2,937.90
2NDQUALITYMIXED Pallets of Mixed SKU inventory                   6        100.00               600.00
021-MESH Kids Attachment Mesh Bag - for ab straps. Rope, air straps               182            1.00               182.00
001-SFTY Safety Sheet Label               100            1.00               100.00
005-VFIT DVD            1,090            1.00            1,090.00
18X18X8BOX 18x18x8 Box                 60            2.00               120.00
S-4414 24x10x10                 68            2.00               136.00
TEENATHLETEINSERT Gym1                 93            0.10                   9.30
511-RETAIL Gym1 Deluxe Flat Retail Box                 96            1.00                 96.00
512-RETAIL Gym1 Kids Retail Box               100            1.00               100.00
MANUAL Gym1 User Manual                 68            0.30                 20.40
ORNG-STCKRS Walmart Orange Stickers         13,992            0.04               559.68
857-VASTR AirSpeed 11-11 Workout Training DVD                   1            1.00                   1.00
     Total Retail Value     $    99,906.03


Gym1 makes it fast, easy, and affordable to swing, climb, and play inside. 

With the Gym1 Deluxe Indoor Playground, it’s easy to bring the fun of the outdoors into your home. Swinging isn’t just a great way to maintain an active lifestyle, it is also great fun! Gym1 is a fantastic way to keep your kids in shape with five attachments that always keep them busy. The Gym1 Deluxe Indoor Playground is a full-scale exercise set for kids 3 to 12 years old. Each Deluxe Indoor Playground includes the core doorway unit plus an indoor swing, rings, ladder, rope, and a trapeze. If you already have a Gym1 core doorway unit, you can just purchase the other kids or adult attachments separately.

Patented unique design installs right in your home doorway.
No drilling, hammering, no holes, no mess, the patented Gym1 doorway unit installs in seconds to your door frame like a home pull-up bar. However, our special design features our patented motion stabilizers and Vise-Grips that adjust and tighten to fit your door frame making it much much safer than regular pull-up bars. With our vise-grips, swinging motions are now safe and easy while Gym1’s cantilevered design distributes the force to the walls around your doorway so it is safe for even adults. Gym1 can support up to 300 pounds, so your child can safely swing to their heart’s content as well as climb and play for hours. With our padded touch points, Gym1 leaves no marks or messes on your doorway.

Safety Tested and Certified to Relevant ASTM Standards.
Gym1 provides top notch safety for your loved ones. The Gym1 Indoor Playground attachments have been tested and certified according to the relevant parts of the ASTM International Standard for home gym equipment. Relevant tests for European safety standards have also been passed too.

Gym1 installs in seconds and is just as fast and easy to remove.
It’s lightweight, portable, and easy to store. The core doorway unit is made of strong, lightweight metal and plastic that won’t bend or break. The Gym1 Deluxe Indoor Playground attachments are plug and play and can be easily swapped with the other attachments quickly, even the adult attachments plug right into the same patented doorway unit.

Gym1 kids attachments are made with heavy gauge rope to minimize indoor noises.
So all you can hear is their happy laughter while you attend to other matters. Your children can swing, climb, and play anytime without noise, hassle, or travel–they are nearby so you can monitor their play. We also use silent carabiners to minimize noise too.

Swinging is great exercise for you and your child.
The Gym1 Deluxe Indoor Playground is a great way to start healthy active habits so your children can maintain an active healthy lifestyle as they grow. It also provides moms and dads with fun indoor activities to keep kids busy. Although most folks purchase the Deluxe Indoor Playground for their children, swinging is also a fun activity for adults. Plus, an hour on the swing can burn up to 200 calories. That’s more than half the calories you would burn in an hour of swimming laps, jogging, or biking!


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