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Wartsila FPSO Inert Gas Generators for Gas Carriers / Tankers (2 Units) in Brazil

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ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 2 Inert Gas Generator
Manufacturer: Wartsila
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Product Location: Brazil

Seller Description

These Wartsila Moss Inert Gas Generator (IGG) System for Tankers­­­­­ are being sold by a company as new unused surplus in an asset liquidation sale to recover space and funds.

  • Make: Wartsila
  • Type: Inert Gas Generator (IGG)

Special Features.


The burner/scrubber unit requires less deck space than any other known design. This is due to the location of the combustion chamber concentrically inside the scrubber unit. Other benefits of this design are that the unit does not require any special direction of orientation inside the ship and that the inert gas quality will not be affected by the ship’s rolling and pitching. The unique Moss high turbulent burner ensures almost complete combustion with a rugged simple design and no moving parts. Heat/corrosion resistant steel is used for all surfaces exposed to heat and/or seawater.


The blower units are of a single-stage centrifugal type with motors and each unit is arranged on a rigid steel base frame equipped with resilient mountings.


The Moss deck water seal is of displacement semi-dry type internally GRE coated. Upon loss of positive flow, the water will immediately close the seal. The mesh demister is effectively preventing carry-over of water droplets under all flow conditions.


The Moss pressure vacuum breaker is another device of importance for the ship’s safety, releasing excessive pressure or vacuum from the cargo tanks. The unit is internally coated with epoxy. CONTROL SYSTEM The control system is based on a Programmable Logical Control (PLC). The control panel is of the touch screen type. Several mimic flow diagrams are implemented as well as the controls required for safe and easy operation with a minimum of operator supervision. Additional functions like user manuals and condition monitoring can also be included. The capacity is remotely controlled from a panel in the cargo control room.


  • Capacity: up to 20.000 Nm3/h.
  • Normal discharge pressure: 0,12 bar g.  Other pressures upon request.
  • Inert gas composition at 3% b volume of oxygen: (based on marine distillate fuel).
    • CO  = Max. 100 ppm     
    • NOX  = Max. 150 ppm
    • SO2  = Max. 10 ppm       
    • CO2  = Approx. 14%
    • N2 Ar  = Balance
  • Oxygen content adjustable down to  approx. 1%.
  • Gas outlet temperature: Max. 5°C above seawater temperature.
  • Relative humidity: 100%
  • Carryover of water droplets: Less than 1 g/kg dry gas.


  • Marine distillate according to ISO 8217   or marine residual fuels pre-heated to the max. 20 cSt.
  • Nominal fuel consumption: 0,075 kg/Nm3 gas.
  • Nominal seawater consumption: 0,06 m3/Nm3 gas (seawater temp. 32°C).
  • Nominal el. power consumption: 0,015 (0,01 - 0,02) kW/Nm3/h gas (excluding sea water 

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