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Mont-Saint-Michel by Michael Kenna

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ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 1 Book
Product Location: United States

Seller Description

This Mont-Saint-Michel by Michael Kenna (Copy- 6) was involved in an insurance claim and is being sold as an asset recovery sale by the insurance company to recover funds from this insurance claim.   The insurance company valued this book through their experts at $20,000 and paid this amount to settle the claim.  Please read full description, condition, and view all the pictures.  (these are all the pictures that we have).

  • BookMont-Saint-Michel (Copy #6 of 60)
  • Author: Michael Kenna
  • Condition: The book is relatively intact with some staining on pages 21 and 22 of a light red nature. 
  • 21st Editions, 2007.
  • Hardcover. 1st Edition. Signed Limited Edition, #6 of 60. Includes14 Signed Original Hand Printed Platinum Prints.
  • Also includes One Signed Free-standing Platinum Print.
  • History: In 2007, fine press photography book publisher 21st Editions released Mont-Saint-Michel. Limited to 60 copies worldwide, the hand-bound collection contains 15 original platinum prints (fourteen bound and one free-standing platinum print entitled, "Mont-Saint-Michel, 1991" that is suitable for framing). Each print is fully signed by Michael Kenna with the free standing photograph also signed in full on the rectro.
  • Details of the Book and Prints: For years Michael Kenna has been recognized as one of the world's leading photographers, an artist with so great a grasp of place that his way of seeing Stonehenge, Versailles, Easter Island, Hokkaido, and elsewhere has become "our" way of seeing them. Kenna has now turned his eye to Mont-Saint-Michel where light dawns through graceful arches, cascades down stairways and roadways, wraps itself around 900 year old Gothic architecture in a delicate embrace as it seeps into otherwise impermeable stone to illuminate it from within. Kenna has indeed created the photographic portrait of the island and its architecture, a body of work which rivals and complements Henry Adams' classic Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres, the famed book which is the verbal portrait of the Mount. This handmade, limited edition unites Adams' words with Kenna's images and contains a short introduction by John Wood and a scholarly essay by Lance Speer. Each signed and numbered copy of Mont-Saint-Michel is hand-bound and printed in letterpress on handmade cotton rag paper. This gorgeous handmade volume is housed in a custom clamshell box. The book measures 16" x 14.25" with each of the 14 fully signed platinum prints measuring 9" x 9". The free-standing platinum print is housed in a folded, letterpress printed presentation folder. The book is signed and numbered by Michel Kenna, John Wood, Lance Speer, and the publisher, Steven Albahari on the limitation page.
  • Awards: 21st Editions was awarded the prestigious Independent Publisher (IPPY) Book Award Silver Medal in 2008 for "Best Book Arts Craftsmanship" for its publication "Mont-Saint-Michel."

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