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Perlite for Pot Flowers - Aprox 10.000 Kg

Perlite for Pot Flowers - Aprox 10.000 Kg
ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 10000 Kg
Product Location: Latvia

Seller Description

This lot of Perlite (Approx. 10000 Kg) is available for sale for a transportation company who has it stored at their warehouse, and would like to clear out space.

  • Product: Perlite
  • Quantity: 2 X 40 Containers (Approx. 5000 Kg per Container)

Product Details:

Within the last couple of years perlite has been used as a substitution of soil in pot flowers growing by all countries. Perlite lets plant roots grow easily and regulates water amount by holding and releasing water when necessary.

Perlite is not only easy to use but it also protects the plant from insects and illnesses due to its inorganic nature.

Perlite ensures long life and better look of your flowers.

Perlite can be used for all pot plants.

If you use perlite you don’t have to change it when the pot is being replaced. It is enough to add necessary amount of material to fill out inner pot volume.

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