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Barge Rigs Drawworks EMSCO C-3, 3000 HP, Power: (4) CAT D3512, Pumps (3) EMSCO 1600 HP, 7500psi

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ID: 182995937
Quantity: 1 Unit
Manufacturer: Emsco
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Model: C-3

Used unit. According to the seller the unit is in good condition. 

# of Bids: 1 PLACE A BID
Product Location: Louisiana, United States
End Time: Bid As Soon As Possible
Time Remaining: Bid As Soon As Possible
Trader: Jose Garcia   281-205-0719 /713-229-9000 x119ASK A QUESTION

Seller Description

These Barge Rigs are being sold by a company to recover funds and storage space as they no longer need them. 


Drilling rig :   24-hour inland barge drilling rig rated 30,000’ with 16,000’ 5.5 ht-55  drill pipe, 12 - 8” drill collars regular connection, 20 - 6.5 drill collars IF connecion,  and 30 – 5.5 hwdp.

Drawworks:  continental emsco c-3 type 2, 3000hp input grooved for 1 ¾” drill line 7838 electric brake powered by 3-1000hp ge electric motors

Barge information:

            .  dimensions:  length 210 feet, width 54 feet, depth 16 feet

            .  well slot:    10’ x 40’ centerline well to forward wall 13 feet.

            .  3 positioning spuds: 

. All barge compartments are independently piped and discharged by 10” marlow pump, powered by 100hp electric motor.

  Sump tanks:  all drains, and run off goes to sump tank, 2-skimmer pumps are provided for waste removal

Mast:  somac 2,000,000 lbs. hook load 152’ strung with 16 lines 1 ¾” drill line, racking board, middle board, dual stand pipes 7500 psi.

Rotary:  37 ½ pin drive with 2 speed gear box driven by 1-752 ge electric motor.

Top drive:  Can Rig 750 Ton.

Tongs:  National Oilwell Varco ST-80,

Rotary tongs:  bj type db and handling tools.

Air slips:  access back saver, offset for top drive, 750 tons.

Mud pumps:  3 continental fc 1600 hp, powered by 3-ge 752 electric motors all 3 pumps are equipped with 7500 psi fluid ends, and southwest hyd.  liner retainers, and 2-piece quick change rods, suctions are super charged with 3-6x5 derrick centrifigal pumps, headers and stand pipes are 5” mechanical steel tubes.  all 3 pumps are equipped with 7500 psi pulsation dampners, and safety pop off valves with discharge return to suction pits, pump rod lubrication is provided by shaft/belt driven centerfuge pumps, and closed reservoir.  all 3 pumps capable of running simultaneously.

Generators:  4-3512 cat electronic fuel efficient 1500 hp engines with 1300 kw kato generators.  cooling is provided by 4 cooling towers located on top of living quarters. 1 Cat 350 kw Standby generator.

Scr house:  6-scr panels, and 5 generator panels (1-spare panel, cooling inside scr house is provided by 20-tons of ac).

Mud pits solid contorl:  total mud cap 2200 bls, sand trap 74 bbls, 130 bbls trip tanks.


1-double chain gumbo buster, 5-king cobra shale shakers, #1 shaker has a 4-cone desander mounted on top, 32 shaker has #2 cone desilter mounted on top.  all 5 shakers are in line, and active.  desander and desilter are both powered by 6x5 derrick centrifigal pumps each with a 1000 gpm pit degasser.  total system 2400 gpm.         

mud mixing system:  2-8x6 derrick centrifigal pumps with 100 hp electric motors each, 2-hoppers, and 2-70 sacks, surge tanks.  8-4” manual rotating, 3-1,000 sacks bulk tanks with dry air system.


            annular                     13 5/8    5,000 psi

            rams                           13 5/8  10,000 psi

            drilling spool           13 5/8  10,000 psi

            2-10,000 psi hcr valves

            2-10,000  psi manual valves

Bop handling equipment: 

            2-50 ton air operated chain falls

            2-50 ton manual operated chain falls

Manifold:  choke manifold is rated to 15,000 psi with 2-3” manual chokes and 2-swatco hyd. chokes both manifolds are h2s certified with 16’x40” gas buster and 8” vent running past derrick crown.

Closing unit:  cad s/n 020411589-1 master unit, drillers control panel, remote panel 7-stations, diverter sensors and alarms, 450 gallon reservoir, 300 gallon bottle capacity with 150 gallon useable fluid capable of closing a set of 18” bops with 1 1/2 times remaining capacity.

Cranes:  oil states mod 60b3a-70 (70” booms) 30-ton, 1 on drill floor and 1 on patio next to quarters.  both cranes are equipped with weight indicators and crown stops.

drill water                98,000 gallons

pot water                   50,000 gallons

fuel                             50,000 gallons

Brake water, drill water and bay water pumps:  all 3 systems have 2-4x3 derrick centrifigal pumps each 1-backup pump each.

Air system:  the rig is equipped with 2-60hp screw drive compressors, and air dryer.

Crew quarters:  60 max. living accomadations with tool pushers room, drillers room and 2 private company man rooms and offices.

Fire System and fire alarm: abs,uscg design criteria, covers quarters, machinery, generators, scr/mcc.

gas system has lel sensors in the mud pits, shale shakers, drillers cabin, bell nipple, floor.

fire supression system consite of co2 system for engine/generator room. fm 200 system in scr/mcc house. 

Seller Terms

  • Salvex and the seller have the right to reject any and all offers.
  • This product is sold AS IS, WHERE IS.
  • Buyer is responsible for all taxes, duties, loading and freight charges.
  • Seller does not offer any warranties or manufacturer warranties.
  • Upon receipt of cleared funds, Seller will provide the Buyer a Release Order for item pick up. Title transfers from Seller to Buyer upon issuance of the Release Order.
  • It is Buyer's responsibility to verify quantities and condition at the time of pick up. Once the product has been removed from Seller's location, there will be no adjustments based on quantity or condition.
  • This items is being sold "as-is, where-is" and with no representations, warranties, nor guarantees of any kind from the Seller nor Salvex Inc. The Seller has the right to accept or reject any and all offers. Buyer responsible for any loading and/or handling fees. Buyer must verify quantity & quality at time of, or before loading product.

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