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Double Hull Tanker (Lightship 196.3t)

Double Hull Tanker (Lightship 196.3t)
ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 1 Vessel
Product Location: Turkey

Seller Description

This Oil /Product Double Hull Tanker ­­­­­is no longer needed for company's own operation and is being sold as an asset liquidation for its owner.


 Type of vessel:  Oil /Pruduct Tanker
 Type of hull:  Double Hull
Classification society:  DBS
Class notation Oil /Pruduct Tanker
If Classification society changed, name of previous society N/A
If  Classification society changed, date of change:  N/A
IMO type, if applicable:  II
Does the vessel have ice class? If yes, state what level N/A
Date / place of last dry-dock:  15.04.2017
Date next dry dock  16.12.2019
Date of last special survey / next survey due:  10.05.2017/16.12.2019
Date of last annual survey:  30.07.2019
If ship has Condition Assessment Program (CAP), what is the latest overall N/A
Does the vessel have a statement of compliance issued under the provisions N/A
of the Condition Assessment Scheme (CAS): If yes, what is the expiry date?
Length Over All (LOA):  55.9 Metres
Length Between Perpendiculars (LBP):  50.6Metres
Extreme breadth (Beam):  7.28 Metres
Moulded depth:  3,5 Metres
Keel to Masthead (KTM) / KTM in collapsed condition (if applicable):  10,4  Metres
Bow to Center Manifold (BCM) / Stern to Center Manifold (SCM):   30,4 /25,5Metres
Distance bridge front to center of manifold 10 Metres
Parallel body distances: Lightship Normal Ballast Summer Dwt 20  Metres
Forward to mid-point manifold:  30,4 Metres
Aft to mid-point manifold:  25,5 Metres
Parallel body length:  22 Metres
FWA at summer draft / TPC immersion at summer draft:  3,47 Tonnes
What is the max height of mast above waterline (air draft) Full Mast Collapsed Mast  
Lightship:  196,3 Tonnes
Normal ballast  N/A
At loaded summer deadweight:  599 Tonnes
Net Tonnage:  207 Tonnes
Gross Tonnage/Reduced Gross Tonnage (if applicable):  378 Tonnes
Suez Canal Tonnage - Gross (SCGT) / Net (SCNT):  N/A
Panama Canal Net Tonnage (PCNT):  N/A
Loadline Information
Loadline Freeboard Draft Deadweight Displacement  
Summer:  1033  / 2,4 0 / 599 / 795,3
Winter:   1085  / 2,34 / 580 / 780,3
Tropical:  N/A
Lightship:  N/A
Normal Ballast Condition N/A
Does vessel have multiple SDWT  No
If yes, what is the maximum assigned deadweight  ----
Ownership and Operation
Registered owner - Full style:   
 Technical operator - Full style:   
Commercial operator - Full style:   
Disponent owner - Full style:  N/A
CERTIFICATION Issued Last Annual or Intermediate  Expires
Safety Equipment Certificate:  22.07.2019/22.12.2019
Safety Radio Certificate:  30.07.2019/29.12.2019
Safety Construction Certificate:   
Loadline Certificate:  23.07.2019/22.12.2019
International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate  23.07.2019/22.12.2019
Safety Management Certificate (SMC) :  N/A
Document of Compliance (DOC):  N/A
USCG (specify: COC, LOC or COI)  NO
Civil Liability Convention Certificate (CLC N/A
Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage N/A
Convention Certificate (CLBC):  
U.S. Certificate of Financial Responsibility (COFR):  NO
Certificate of Fitness (Chemicals):  N/A
Certificate of Fitness (Gas):  NO
Certificate of Class:   
International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC):  N/A
International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate: N/A 
International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate (IAPP):  N/A
Does vessel have all updated publications as listed in the Vessel Inspection Yes
Questionnaire, Chapter 2- Question 2.24, as applicable:  
Owner warrant that vessel is member of ITOPF and will remain so for the Yes

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