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Water Damaged Multimedia Items (Cell Phones/ TV/ Laptops/ Tablets)

Water Damaged Multimedia Items (Cell Phones/ TV/ Laptops/ Tablets)
ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 174 Units
Manufacturer: Apple
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Product Location: France

Seller Description

This lot of Multimedia Items (Cell Phones/ TV/ Laptops/ Tablets) ­­­­­was exposed to water due to a damaged water drain pipe at the storage place. They must be sold to recover funds for the insurance company. Cargo details are listed below:

Product Quantity
TV LG 32LJ510U 11
Laptop ACER NX.H18EF.006 38
Laptop ACER NX.H18EF.006 12
Laptop ACER NX.GY3EF.002  7
Tablet SAMSUNG SM-T580 White  20
Cellphone iphone MRY62ZD/A  1
Cellphone Huawei P30 Lite Blue  26
Cellphone iphone 6 space gray 64go grade a 33
Cellphone Iphone 6 gold 64go grade A 19
Cellphone SAMSUNG SM-G970F/DS green  2
Cellphone SM-A750FN/DS SAMSUNG Black  1
Speaker JBL charge 4 pink  1
Laptop ACER NX.H2BEF.002  1
Laptop ACER NX.GP5EF.002  1
Tablet SAMSUNG SMT580 black  1

* Please note that the items are sold by wholesalers. The Iphones mainly are re-packed, it is possible the phones are second hand. No confirmation available for the rest of the items.

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