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Loncin LC165FC 159CC Lawnmower Engines (684 Units)

Loncin LC165FC 159CC Lawnmower Engines (684 Units)
ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 684 Units
Product Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Seller Description

This lot of Lawnmower Engines is being sold by the seller as a surplus in an asset liquidation to collect funds from its investments.

Application Mower
Engine Model LC1P65FC 
Type Forced cooling 4 stroke single cylinder vertical shaft gasoline engine
Bore 65 mm     2.56 in
Stroke 48 mm     1.89 in
Displacement 159 cc     9.70 cu-in
Max. Horsepower 2.7 KW(3.6 HP) / 3600 rpm (NET)
Cont.Horsepower /
Max. torque 8.3 N·m / 2500 rpm (NET)
Weight(Dry) 11.8 kg     26.1 lbs
Fuel Type Automobile Gasoline Unleaded
Fuel Feed Gravity Type
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.0 L
Lubricant Automobile oil 10W-30?Clase SE or Higher
Oil capacity 0.55 L   1.19 pt.
Lubrication System Splash Type
Governor Type Mechanical
Rotation Counterclockwise Facing Power Take-off Shaft
Speed Setting High idle 3200 ±100rpm(Fixed)
Crank Shaft vertical, 25mm dia. 3-5/32" (80.3)Length with 3/16" x 50mm length keyway,7/16-20UNF-2B
Gear Cover Flange Standard
Muffler Standard
Air Cleaner Semi-dry, Dual Element
Speed Control Fixed
Choke Auto Choke
Starting System Recoil, Recoil knob direction 4:00
Canister with fuel cap
Carburetor float type with drain
Fuel Valve No
Oil Gauge High oil fill port plug / dipstick
Charging Coil None
Spark Plug E7RTC
Flywheel Aluminium
Decals CARB
Color Black (Shroud Cover)-Second generation-all black
Ship Loose Item /
Regulatory compliance Compliant with CARB Tier3 and EPA Phase3 and EU
Owners manual NO

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