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High End Furniture, House Ware and Hardware (901 Items))

ID: 182992927
Quantity: 901 Items

Surplus sale. Seller is offering the furnitures as a liquidation of his inventory.

Being sold "AS IS, WHERE IS". Buyer is responsible for shipping and handling.

# of Bids: 15 PLACE A BID
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Product Location: Texas, United States
End Time: Bid As Soon As Possible
Time Remaining: Bid As Soon As Possible
Trader: Onur Kaytan   832 426 2003ASK A QUESTION

Seller Description

This lot of High-End Furniture ­­­­­is no longer needed for company's own operation and is being sold as an asset liquidation for its owner.


Part Number Description Pieces
ACC-CAND-GRAC Grace Taper Holder 3
ACC-DIVA2-WH Diva Face 2 1
ACC-KNIG-SI Knight Piece Chess silver 1
ACC-ZENB-OR Orange Zen Book Holder 1
ART-ACRY-CUSTOM-48X60-NOFRA Custom Acrylic 48x60 (no frame) - Vertical 2
ART-PIC-AVIATOR1 Aviator 1 framed picture 1
ART-PIC-EIFFEL eiffel tower picture 1
ART-PIC-EXPO Expo Picture 1
ART-PIC-LONDONBYNIGHT-BIG London By Night Picture Oversize 1
ART-PIC-NATURE1 Nature 1 Framed Picture 2
ART-PIC-NATURE2 Nature 2 Framed Picture 1
ART-PIC-NYC1 NYC 1 Framed picture 2
ART-PIC-NYC2 NYC 2 framed picture 2
ART-PIC-PARIS1 Paris 1 Framed Picture 1
ART-PIC-PARIS2 Paris 2 Framed Picture 1
ART-PIC-POP1 Pop 1 framed picture 1
ART-PIC-POP2 Pop 2 Picture 2
ART-PIC-POP3 Pop 3 Framed Picture 2
ART-PIC-TIMESSQUARE Times Square Picture 1
ART-SHB-SAUT-SI Saut de l'Ange Sculpture Silver 1
BED-CAMA-GY-KING-HEAD Cama Gray King Bed Headboard 1
BED-CAMA-GY-KING-RAIL Cama Gray King Bed Rails 2
BED-CAMA-GY-KING-SLAT Cama Gray King Bed Slat and Hardware 2
BED-CAMA-GY-KING-WING Cama Gray King Bed Wings 1
BED-CASA-BK-KING-FOOT Casa Black King bed with storage Footboard 2
BED-CASA-BK-KING-HEAD Casa Black King bed with storage Headboard 2
BED-CASA-BK-KING-SLAT Casa Black King bed with storage Slats and Hardware 1
BED-CASA-BK-QUEE-FOOT Casa Black Queen bed with storage Footboard 1
BED-CASA-BK-QUEE-HEAD Casa Black Queen bed with storage Headboard 1
BED-CASA-BK-QUEE-SIDE Casa Black Queen bed with storage Side Rail 1
BED-CASA-BK-QUEE-SLAT Casa Queen Bed Black Slats 1
BED-CASA-WH-KING-FOOT Casa White King bed with storage footboard 1
BED-CASA-WH-KING-HEAD Casa White King bed with storage Headboard 1
BED-CASA-WH-KING-SIDE Casa White King bed with storage Side Rail 1
BED-CASA-WH-KING-SLAT Casa White King bed with storage Slats and Hardware 1
BED-CASA-WH-QUEE-FOOT Casa White Queen bed with storage Footboard 2
BED-CASA-WH-QUEE-SIDE Casa White Queen bed with storage Side Rail 2
BED-CAVA-WH-KING-FRA Cavana king White Frame Part 2
BED-CHEL-BO-KING-END Chelsea King bed End Board 9
BED-CHEL-BO-KING-HEAD Chelsea King bed Headboard 7
BED-CHEL-BO-KING-RAIL Chelsea King Bed Black Oak Rails 7
BED-CHEL-BO-KING-SLAT Chelsea Black Oak Bed King Slats 5
BED-GIOR-WH-KING-HEA Giorgio King Bed White Headboard 1
BED-GIOR-WH-KING-SID Giorgio King Bed White Foot and Side 1
BED-GIOR-WH-KING-SLT Giorgio King Bed White Slats 1
BED-GUNN-GY-KING-END Gunnar King Bed Gray End Rails 1
BED-GUNN-GY-KING-HEA Gunnar King Bed Gray 1
BED-GUNN-GY-KING-RAIL Gunnar King Bed Gray Rails 1
BED-GUNN-GY-QUEE-END Gunnar Queen Bed Gray End Rails 1
BED-GUNN-GY-QUEE-HEA Gunnar Queen Bed Gray Headboard 1
BED-GUNN-GY-QUEE-RAIL Gunnar Queen Bed Gray Rails 1
BED-GUNN-GY-QUEE-SLAT Gunnar Queen Bed Gray Slats 1
BED-HIRO-BR-KING-FOOT Hiro King Bed Footboard 1
BED-HIRO-BR-KING-HEAD Hiro King Bed Headboard 1
BED-LANA-WH-KING-HARD Lanai White King Bed Hardware 2
BED-LANA-WH-KING-WING Lanai King Wings White 2
BED-LIAM-GY-QUEE-SLAT Liam Gray Queen Bed Slats 1
BED-MILA-BO-KING-SLAT Milano King bed Slats 1
BED-MONV-OFF-KING-PART4 Monviso King Bed Off White Part 4 1
BED-MONV-OFF-QUEE-PART1 Monviso Queen Bed Cream White Part 1 1
BED-MONV-OFF-QUEE-PART2 Monviso Queen Bed Part 2 1
BED-MONV-OFF-QUEE-PART3 Monviso Queen Bed Off White Part 3 1
BED-MONV-OFF-QUEE-PART4 Monviso Queen Bed Cream White Part 4 1
BED-MONV-OFF-QUEE-PART5 Monviso Queen Bed Cream White Part 5 1
BED-MORE-BR-QUEE-HEA Moreni Brown Queen Bed Headboard 1
BED-MORE-BR-QUEE-SID Moreni Brown Queen size Side 2
BED-MORE-WH-KING-SID Moreni White king bed sides 2
BED-MOVI-GY-KING-HEA Movido Gray king Bed Headboard 4
BED-MOVI-GY-KING-SID Movido King bed Grey Sides 5
BED-MOVI-GY-KING-SLT Movido King bed Grey Slats 3
BED-MOVI-GY-QUEE-HEA Movido Queen Bed Gray Headboard 2
BED-MOVI-GY-QUEE-SID Movido Queen Bed Gray Sides 4
BED-MOVI-GY-QUEE-SLT Movido Gray Queen Slats 1
BED-STOR-WH-KING-HEAD Tempo Storage White King Bed Headboard 1
BED-STOR-WH-KING-RAIL Tempo Storage White King Bed Bedrails 1
BED-STOR-WH-KING-SLAT Tempo Storage White King Bed Slats 2
BED-STOR-WH-QUEE-HEAD Tempo Storage White Queen Bed Headboard 2
BED-STOR-WH-QUEE-RAIL Tempo Storage White Queen Bed Bedrails 2
BED-STOR-WH-QUEE-SLAT Tempo Storage White Queen Bed Slats 3
BED-TEMP-WH-KING-SLAT Tempo White King Bed Slats 1
BEN-SAVI-BK Savina Bench Black 1
BUF-CALV-WH Calvin Buffet White 3
BUF-EDAN-WH Edan Buffet White 2
BUF-STRA-WH-FRAM Strada Buffet White Frame 2
BUF-STRA-WH-TOP Strada Buffet White Top 1
CEL-FOUN Fountain Ceiling Lamp 1
CON-ARIA-WH Aria Console White 1
CON-DINO-WH-DRAW Dino Dresser White Drawers 4
CON-DINO-WH-FRAM Dino Dresser White Frame 3
CON-ELSE-WN-LEG Elsen Console Walnut Leg 1
CON-ELSE-WN-TOP Elsen Console Walnut Top 1
CON-FIOR Fiorella Console 1
CON-LEA-BO Lea Dresser Black Oak 4
CON-LEA-WH Lea White Dresser 1
CON-LEA-WN Lea Dresser Walnut 8
CON-MAXF-BR Maxfield Brown Console 1
CON-MAXF-WH Maxfield Console White 1
CON-SETA-BR-TOP Setai Console wood Top 2
CON-SIXT-WH-DRAW Sixten Dresser Drawer 1
CON-STRA-WH-FRAM Strada Console White Frame 2
CON-STRA-WH-TOP Strada Console White Top 2
CON-VEND-GY Vendome Gray Dresser 1
COT-ADEL-WN-BIG-LEG Adelina Coffee Table Walnut Big Legs 1
COT-ADEL-WN-BIG-TOP Adelina Large Coffee Table Walnut Top 1
COT-ADEL-WN-SML-LEG Adelina Small Coffee table Walnut Leg 1
COT-ADEL-WN-SML-TOP Adel Coffee table Small top Walnut 1
COT-CATE-FRAME Caterina Coffee Table Frame 1
COT-CATE-TOP Caterina Coffee Table Top 1
COT-FLAV-WH-TOP Flavia Coffee Table White tOP 2
COT-FUJI-CL-BASE Fuji Coffee table clear base 4
COT-FUJI-CL-PILL Fuji Coffee table table pillar 5
COT-FUJI-CL-TOP Fuji Coffee table clear top 4
COT-GAVI-WH Gavino Coffee Table : White 2
COT-LUCI-WH-FRAM Lucio Coffee Table White frame 3
COT-LUCI-WH-GLAS Lucio Coffee Table White Glass 2
COT-LUXO-CL-LEG Luxor Coffee Table Legs 1
COT-LUXO-CL-TOP Luxor Coffee Table Top 1
COT-PIAG Piagia Coffee Table 1
COT-TANJ-BR-TOP Tanjay Coffee Table Wood Top 2
COT-WALT Walter Coffee Table 5
DIC-ALTA-BL Alta Dining Chair Blue 3
DIC-CELE-BK Celeste Chair Black 1
DIC-DENZ-WH Denzel Dining Chair White 1
DIC-FINA-WH Fina Dining Chair White 7
DIC-LOUI-BK Louis Armchair Black 1
DIC-MORT-BL Morten Dining Chair Blue 1
DIC-NALD-WH Naldo White Dining Chair 17
DIC-NIER-BK-ARML-SET Niero Armless Chair Black Set 7
DIC-NIER-BR-ARML-SET Niero Armless Chair Brown Set 1
DIC-NIER-GY-ARML Niero Gray Armless Chair 14
DIC-NIER-WH-ARML-SET Niero Armless Chair White Set 9
DIC-TERZ-OR Terzo Orange Dining Chair 3
DIC-URSA-GY Ursa Dining Chair Gray 3
DIC-ZETA-GO Zeta Dining Chair Champagne 10
DIT-ADAM-CL-TOP Adam Round table Top 1
DIT-ASTR-GY-LEG Astro Gray Slate Dining Table Legs 1
DIT-ASTR-GY-TOP Astro Gray Slate Dining Table Top 1
DIT-ASTRO-WH-LEG Astro White Dining Table Legs 4
DIT-ASTRO-WH-TOP Astro White Dining Table Top 4
DIT-CAME-BK-TOP Cameron Extandle Black top 2
DIT-CAME-WH-LEG Cameron Table LEg White 1
DIT-CAME-WH-TOP Cameron Table White Top 1
DIT-LEXI-WH-BASE Lexington Dining Table White Base 1
DIT-LEXI-WH-MID Lexington Dining Table White Middle Part 1
DIT-LEXI-WH-TOP Lexington Dining Table White Top 1
DIT-MIMO-WN-TOP Mimosa Dining Table Walnut Top 1
DIT-NABU-CL-LEG Nabu Extandable Clear Legs 3
DIT-NABU-CL-TOP Nabu Extandable Table Clear Top 3
DIT-NAZA-WH-BASE Nazario White Marble Dining Table Base 8
DIT-NAZA-WH-PILL Nazario White Marble Dining Table Pillar 10
DIT-NAZA-WH-SML-BASE Small Nazario White Marble Dining Table Base 2
DIT-NAZA-WH-SML-PILL Small Nazario White Marble Dining Table Pillar 1
DIT-NAZA-WH-SML-TOP Small Nazario White Marble Dining Table Top 1
DIT-NAZA-WH-TOP Nazario White Marble Dining Table Top 9
DIT-PALE-BO-BASE Palerma Dining Table Black Oak Base 2
DIT-PALE-BO-TOP Palerma Dining Table Black Oak Top 1
DIT-PALE-WH-BASE Palerma White Dining Table Base 2
DIT-PALE-WH-TOP Palerma Dining Table White Top 2
DIT-PALE-WN-BASE Palerma Dining Table Walnut Base 4
DIT-PALE-WN-TOP Palerma Dining Table Walnut Top 6
DIT-PEGA-WN-LEG Pegasus Dining Table Leg 5
DIT-PEGA-WN-TOP Pegasus Dining Table Top 5
DIT-SETA-BR-BASE Setai Dining Table Base 3
DIT-SETA-BR-BASE-SML Setai Small Dining Table 2
DIT-SETA-BR-GLAS Setai Dining Table Glass Top 2
DIT-SETA-BR-GLAS-SML Setai Small Dining Table Glass 2
DIT-SETA-BR-TOP Setai Dining Table Wood Top 1
DIT-SETA-BR-TOP-SML Setai Small Dining Table Top 2
DIT-SKAN-NAT-SET Skandiva Dining table Natural 2
DIT-SKAN-WH-PART1 Skandiva Dining table Part 1 3
DIT-SKAN-WH-PART2 Skandiva Dining table Part 2 3
DIT-VITT-WN-TOP Vittore Dining Table Walnut Top 5
FLL-ARCO-BODY Arco Floor Lamp Body 1
FLL-BODE-WH-BODY Boden Floor Lamp Body 1
FLL-BODE-WH-SHADE Boden Floor Lamp Shade 1
FLL-CASS-WH Cassiopeia Floor Lamp White 1
FLL-KONE-BK Kone Floor Lamp Black 1
FLL-LUCI-SI Lucid Floor Lamp Silver 2
FLL-TITA-WH-BASE Titan Floor Lamp White Base 2
FLL-TITA-WH-SHADE Titan White Floor Lamp Shade 1
FLL-TOTE-CL-SML Totem Floor Lamp Small 1
LOC-AVIA-WH Aviator Chair White 1
LOC-BRUC-WH-LEG Bruce Swivel leather Chair White Leg 4
LOC-BRUC-WH-TOP Bruce Swivel leather Chair White Top 4
LOC-EVA-LEG Eva lounge chair Legs 1
LOC-GORD-WH-TOP Gordan Lounge Chair White Top 3
LOC-KAIA-YE Kaia Lounge Chair Mustard 2
LOC-KEND-GY Kendra Lounge Chair Gray 2
LOC-KEND-YE Kendra lounge chair yellow 4
LOC-MARB-BL Marbella Blue Lounge Chair 1
LOC-SAVI-BK Savina Lounge Chair Black 4
MAT-MEMO-QUEE Memory Foam Mattress Queen Size 10in 1
MIR-DALI Dalia Mirror 1
MIR-ZOLA-WH Zola Mirror White 1
NST-ANA-BO-L Ana Black Oak Night Stand Left (when facing it) 1
NST-ANA-WH-L Ana White Night Stand Left (when facing it) 1
NST-ANA-WH-R Ana White Night Stand Right (when facing it) 1
NST-DINO-WH Dino Night Stand white 1
NST-LEA-BO-L Lea Black Oak Night Stand Left (when you're facing it) 2
NST-LEA-BO-R Lea Black Oak Night Stand Right (when you're facing it) 2
NST-LEA-WH-L Lea White Night Stand Left (when you're facing it) 2
NST-LEA-WH-R Lea White Night Stand Right (when you're facing it) 3
NST-MASS-WH Massiano Side table white 1
NST-SIXT-WH Sixten Night Stand 1
NST-STRA-WH-FRAM Strada Side table white frame 6
NST-STRA-WH-TOP Strada Side table White Top 2
NST-VALE Valentino Side Table 1
OFC-LUDL-BK-HIGH Ludlow Office Chair High Back Black 1
OFC-LUDL-WH-HIGH Ludlow Office Chair High Back White 3
OFD-B52 B52 Desk 1
OFD-EDIS-WH-FRAME Edison Desk White Frame 1
OFD-EDIS-WH-LEG Edison White Desk Legs 2
OFD-EDIS-WH-TOP Edison White Desk Top 1
OFD-KUAD-WH Kuadro White Office Desk 2
OFD-LENO-WH-DRAW Lenox Office Extra Desk Drawer 3
OFD-LENO-WH-LSHAPE Lenox Office Extra L Shape 4
OFD-LENO-WH-TABL1 Lenox Office Desk Part 1 4
OFD-LENO-WH-TABL2 Lenox Office Desk Part 2 4
OFD-LINE-WN Linea Walnut Desk (white top) 3
OTT-WILS-FRA Wilson Ottoman Frame Only 1
OTT-WILS-OFF-FAB Wilson Sofa Cream Ottoman 2
OUT-CORO-BK-ARMC Coronado Armchair Black 1
OUT-CORO-BK-ARML Coronado Armless Black 1
OUT-CORO-BK-CORN Coronado Corner Black 2
OUT-DINILONG-BK-TB2 Outdoor Dininglong Set Table Black Box 2 1
OUT-ISA-GY-DECK Isa Outdoor Deck Chair Gray 1
OUT-ODEL-BK-TABL Odelia Outdoor Table Black 1
OUT-OLIN-BK-CHA Olina Table Chairs (box of 6) 2
OUT-SEVI-GY-1SEAT Seville Outdoor 1 Seater Sofa Gray 1
OUT-UMBR-GY-ABSA Absalon Light Grey Umbrella Fabric 2
RUG-LINA-SAFARI-6X9 Lina Rug 6x9' Silver splash Safari 2
RUG-MATE-GY-8X10 Mateo Rug 8x10' Dark Grey 1
SHV-EDAN-WN Edan Walnut Shelves 1
SID-ANDE-BK-BASE Anders Side Table Black Base 1
SID-ANDE-BK-TOP Anders Side Table Black Top 1
SID-EDAN Edan Side Table 2
SID-FLAV-WH-BASE Flavia Side table White Base 1
SID-FLAV-WH-TOP Flavia Side table White Top 1
SID-ILDA Ilda Side Table 1
SID-NAYA-WN Naya Large Side Table Walnut 1
SID-NEES-SML-GLAS Neesha Side Table Small Glass 1
SID-NEES-SML-TOP Neesha Side Table Small Top 1
SID-ORA-SI Ora Side Table Silver 1
SOB-MIAM-WH-LEG Miamo Sofa White Leg 1
SOB-NELS-GY-FAB-FOOT Nelson Gray Fabric Legs 1
SOB-NELS-WH-ECO-LEG Nelson White Eco-Leather Sofa bed Legs 1
SON-ANJA-GY-VLV Anja Armchai Gray Velvet 1
SON-LOUI-BL-VLV Louis Armchair Blue Velvet 1
SON-LOUI-GY Louise Armchair Gray 1
SSE-BERG-BK-3SEAT Bergamo Black Sofa 3 Seater Part 1
SSE-BERG-EG-1SEAT Bergamo Sofa Armless Elephant Grey (dark grey) 5
SSE-BERG-EG-3SEAT Bergamo Sectional Sofa Elephant Gray 3 Seater 3
SSE-BERG-EG-CHA Bergamo Sofa Chaise Elephant Grey (dark grey) 3
SSE-BERG-EG-CORN Bergamo Elephant Grey Corner 3
SSE-BERG-GY-1SEAT Bergamo Sofa Armless Light Grey 20
SSE-BERG-GY-3SEAT Bergamo Sofa 3 Seater Light Grey 17
SSE-BERG-GY-CHA Bergamo Sofa Chaise Light Grey 18
SSE-BERG-GY-CORN Bergamo Grey Corner 11
SSE-BERG-WH-1SEAT Bergamo Sofa Armless White 6
SSE-BERG-WH-3SEAT Bergamo White Straight 3 seater 4
SSE-BERG-WH-CHA Bergamo Sofa Chaise White 3
SSE-BERG-WH-CORN Bergamo Sofa Corner White 6
SSE-EDIS-GY-LEF Edison Sofa 2 seater Gray Left Side 3
SSE-EDIS-GY-RIG Edison Sofa 2 seater Gray Right Side 3
SSE-EMPI-3S-LEG Empire Sectional Legs for Seating Part 11
SSE-EMPI-CHA-LEG Empire Sectional Legs for Chaise 10
SSE-EMPI-EG-L-3SEAT Empire Dark Gray Left Main Seating Part Sofa 3
SSE-EMPI-EG-L-CHA Empire Dark Gray Left Chaise 2
SSE-EMPI-EG-R-3SEAT Empire Dark Gray Right Main Seating Part Sofa 2
SSE-EMPI-EG-R-CHA Empire Dark Gray Right Chaise 2
SSE-EMPI-WH-L-3SEAT Empire White Left Main Seating Part Sofa 1
SSE-EMPI-WH-L-CHA Empire White Left Chaise 2
SSE-EMPI-WH-R-3SEAT Empire White Right Main Seating Part Sofa 4
SSE-EMPI-WH-R-CHA Empire White Right Chaise 2
SSE-GIOV-GY-FAB-CHA Giovani Fabric Sofa Gray Fabric Chaise 3
SSE-GLOO-GY-CORN Bloom Corner Light Gray 1
SSE-LORE-GY-CHA Lorenzana Sectional Sofa Light Gray Chaise 1
SSE-MONA-BK-CHA Monaco Sectional Sofa Black Chaise 2
SSE-MONA-BK-LEF Monaco Sectional Sofa Black Left 2
SSE-MONA-BK-RIG Monaco Sectional Sofa Black Right 2
SSE-MONA-WH-CHA Monaco Sectional Sofa White Chaise 4
SSE-MONA-WH-LEF Monaco Sectional Sofa White Left 3
SSE-MONA-WH-RIG Monaco Sectional Sofa White Right 3
SSE-PHAN-BR-LEG Phantom Sofa Brown Legs 1
SSE-PHAN-WH-CHA Phantom Sofa White Chaise Part 7
SSE-PHAN-WH-LEF Phantom White Sofa Left Side 5
SSE-PHAN-WH-LEG Phantom Sofa White Legs 1
SSE-PHAN-WH-RIG Phantom Sofa White Right Side 8
SSE-REVE-BK-3SEAT Reverse Bergamo Black 3 seater piece 1
SSE-REVE-BK-CHA Reverse Bergamo Chaise Black 1
SSE-REVE-EG-3SEAT Reverse Bergamo Elephant Gray 3 seater Part 2
SSE-REVE-EG-CHA Reverse Bergamo Chaise Elephant Grey 2
SSE-REVE-GY-3SEAT Reverse Gray 3 Seater 2
SSE-REVE-GY-CHA Reversed Bergamo Light Grey Chaise 2
SSE-REVE-WH-3SEAT Reverse Bergamo Straight Sofa White 5
SSE-REVE-WH-CHA Reverse Bergamo White Chaise 6
STH-ANJA-GY-VLV Anja Sofa Gray Velvet 1
STH-ANNA-GY-LEAT Annaliese Sofa Gray Vintage Leather 1
STH-FEZ-OR Fez Tan Leather Sofa 2
STH-LOUI-BL-VLV Louis 3-Seater Sofa Blue Velvet 1
STH-SULL-EG Sullivan Dark Gray Sofa 1
STH-SULL-WH-HEAD Sullivan White Sofa Headrest 2
STL-BELL-BK Bellagio Stool Black 2
STL-BELL-BR Bellagio Stool Brown 2
STL-BELL-WH Bellagio Stool White 8
STW-ETHA-GY-ECO Ethan Sofa Gray 2
STW-MBER-EG Bergamo Motion 2 seater Elephant Gray 3
TBL-LILO-WH Lilo Table Lamp White 1
TBL-OMEG-BK Omega Table Lamp Black 1
TVS-EPOP-WH-CAB Epopee TV Stand White Cabinet Frame 4
TVS-EPOP-WH-DOOR Epopee TV Stand White Door Part 1
TVS-EPOP-WH-SHV Epopee TV Stand White Drawer and middle shelves 4
TVS-EPOP-WH-SLID Epopee TV Stand White Sliding Doors 4
TVS-KALU-GY Kaluga Gray TV Stand (does NOT include the extension) 1
TVS-KALU-WH-EXT Kaluga Extension TV Stand White 6
TVS-KALU-WN Kaluga TV Stand Walnut (extension is not included) 2
TVS-KALU-WN-EXT Kaluga Extension TV Stand 1
TVS-LARK-WN Larkin TV Stand 1
TVS-LIAM-WN Liam TV Stand Walnut 3
TVS-SANT-WH-GLAS3 Santuzza White Entertainment Unit Glass Shelf 3 1
TVS-STRA-BK-FRAME Strada Tv Stand Black Frame 2
TVS-STRA-BK-TOP Strada Tv Stand Black Top 1
TVS-STRA-WH-GLASS-TOP Strada Tv Stand with Mirror Top 1
Total 901

Seller Terms

  • Salvex and the seller have the right to reject any and all offers.
  • This product is sold AS IS, WHERE IS.
  • Buyer is responsible for all taxes, duties, loading and freight charges.
  • Seller does not offer any warranties or manufacturer warranties.
  • Upon receipt of cleared funds, Seller will provide the Buyer a Release Order for item pick up. Title transfers from Seller to Buyer upon issuance of the Release Order.
  • It is Buyer's responsibility to verify quantities and condition at the time of pick up. Once the product has been removed from Seller's location, there will be no adjustments based on quantity or condition.

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