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Genze Electric Bikes (6,000 Units)

Genze Electric Bikes (6,000 Units)
ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 6000 Bikes
Manufacturer: Genze
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Model: Electric Bikes
Product Location: United States

Seller Description

This inventory of Genze Electric Bike (6,000 Units) is being sold due to an order cancellation from the company who initially placed the order. These bikes have never been used and are still in manufacturer packaging from Genze. These units can be shipped 160 in a 53 foot trailer. 

18” Black Bike (200 series) bike with no bar. See attached Pic.

Inside the box contained 3 separate boxes (pedals), (battery charger) and (2 bracket) see attached pics.

Handle bar are attached to the side of the Bike.  See attached pic #1


Different versions available: 

100 Series - (2,000 Units)

102 no bar version (comes in 16” or 18”) Black only


200 Series - (4,000 Units)

201 without center bar (18”)

Colors = Black, White, White with Blue Trim, Black with Blue Trim

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