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Fiberglass Strand Mat (7,003 Kg)

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ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 7003 Kg
Product Location: Spain

Seller Description

This lot of Fiberglass Strand Mat is being sold as surplus stock in an asset liquidation sale to recover space and funds. Details are listed below: 

  • Products:
    • Chopped Strad Mat is made of randomly distributed chopped strands help together by a powder or emulsion binder. They are compatible with UP, VE, EP, and PF resins. The roll width ranges from 50 mm to 3300 mm. Chopped strand mat is particularly suited to contact mold and to continuous mold between layers of film. The final products are: boats, hand-lay up FRP, automobile parts, bath tube and etc.
    • Detailed information and Analysis are attached.
Description Qty (Kg)
Fiberglass Roving Protection 2.400 Textile 2128
Fiberglass Complex WR600M450 660
Fiberglass MAT Powder 600 Rolls 2258
Fiberglass Chopping 2.400 Textile 1957
Total: 7,003

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