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1966 Boeing 727-76 - VIP Configuration Aircraft (with Pratt & Whitney Engines)

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ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 1 Aircraft
Product Location: Europe

Seller Description

This 1966 Boeing 727-76 (Rew) with VIP configuration ­­­­­is no longer needed for company's operations and is being sold as a surplus asset.


  • Total Flight Hours: 51,403 hours
  • Total Flight Cycles: 34,383 

Engines (Pratt & Whitney): 

  • JT8D-219, S/N P726201,  Total Hours:  2536.35,  Time since LSV: 51.3   LSV 2018.   Total Cycles: 1029 Cycles since LSV: 25  
  • JT8D-7B S/N 649238 Total Hours: 50057.78 Time since LSV: 74.7   LSV 2016   Total Cycles: 44147 Cycles since LSV: 34 
  • JT8D-219 S/N P718144 Total Hours: 17920.15 Time since LSV: 95.1   LSV 2013   Total Cycles: 11199 Cycles since LSV: 43 

 Auxiliary Power Unit (APU): 
 Honeywell GTCP85-98CK, P/N 380678-1-2, S/N P-35800C, Total Hours:   3792 
 Landing Gears: 

  •  Nose: P/N 65-72762-8 S/N KH10311,  Time since OVH: 4428 hours, Cycles since OVH: 4024 cycles 

 (Nose Landing Gear has no LLPs – All Nose Landing Gear components are on condition.) 

  • LH Main: P/N 65-72761-37,  S/N 2183, Time since OVH: 4428 hours, Cycles since OVH: 4024 cycles 

 (LLP only Limiter: FWD Trunnion Bearing Support – Next due: 06/11/2019   46154 Flight Cycles.) 

  • RH Main: P/N 65-72761-38, S/N 5L25,Time since OVH: 4215 hours, Cycles since OVH: 3810 cycles 

 (LLP only Limiter: FWD Trunnion Bearing Support – Next due: 06/11/2019 46154 Flight Cycles.) 
 Weights and Range: 

  • BOW: 106800 Lbs / 48443 Kgs
  • Max Taxi:  175000 Lbs / 79378 Kgs
  • Max TOW:  74500 Lbs / 19152 Kgs
  • Max ZFW:  123500 Lbs / 56019 Kgs
  • Max LDW: 142500 Lbs / 64637 Kgs (Flaps 30) 
  • Max Integral Fuel:  52000 Lbs / 23587 Kgs (29375 Liters)
  • Aux Fuel:   18000 Lbs /  8164 Kgs (10227 Liters)
  • Range: 3400 Nautical Miles/ 6100kms 7hrs:20 mins. 


  •  EFIS: 5 Tube Honeywell FDS-500 EFIS with multi-function display. 
  •  WX Radar: Primus 870 with MFD and L850 Lightening Processor.
  • FMS:  Dual Honeywell FMS 800 with N22000 Computers.
  • IRS:  Dual Honeywell HG1075 Laser Ref.
  • GPS: Dual Honeywell – Integral with FMS. 
  •  ADC: Dual Honeywell Digital AZ800 (RVSM Approved). 
  •  EGPWS: Honeywell Mark VII with Windshear Detection (Incorporating TAWS). 
  •  TCAS: Honeywell TCAS II Change 7.1 ELS 
  •  Autopilot: Honeywell SP50 with AES89-7007-2 EFIS Interface. 
  •  HF: Dual Collins 718U-5HF with SELCAL. 
  •  Comms: Dual Honeywell RCZ-833. 
  •  Navs: Dual Honeywell RN- 850 with FM immunity. 
  •  Controls: Dual Honeywell RMU850 (Nav, Comm, ADF, X-Ponder). 
  •  Radio Alt: Collins 860F1. 
  •  X-Ponder:  Dual Honeywell (Integrated with NAV unit).
  • DME:  Dual Honeywell (Integrated with NAV unit).
  • ADF:  Dual Honeywell (Integrated with NAV unit).
  • ELT:  Kannad 406AP. 

Additional Features: 

  •  FWD (below floor) and AFT Air Stairs. 
  •  PATS Six Tank Auxiliary Fuel System (3 X FWD & 3 X AFT Cargo Holds).
  • Standby Com.
  • Standby CDI. 
  •  Standby ASI. Metric
  • Altimeter. Teledyne
  • AOA Sensor.
  • EROS Quick Donning Cockpit Crew Oxygen System.
  • Second Aircraft Battery.
  • Cargo Hold Smoke Detectors. 
  •  3 Zone Temperature Control.
  • Stateroom Humidifier.
  • Remote Engine Oiling System.
  • Logo Lights.
  • Rockwell Collins Airshow. 
  •  Noise Certification - Stage 3 Plus compliant. 


  •  Aircraft Maintenance Program is being brought into full compliance with Boeing low-utilization MSG-3 program under the Daniels System. 
  •  “A” Check interval every 600 hours or 4 months. 
  •  “C” Check interval every 4000 hours or 2 years. Previous 3C Check completed at Jet Aviation AG, Basel in 2017. 
  • Current and future heavy maintenance undertaken at Jet Aviation AG, Basel, Switzerland.
  • Continued airworthiness management, planning and records maintenance undertaken by CAMO4jets AG, Basel, Switzerland. 
  •  Next 1A Check in progress at Jet Aviation AG, Basel, Switzerland – September/October 2018. 
  • 3C Check due in  June 2019. 
  •  JT8D-7B Engine S/N 649238 HPC stripped, inspected and repaired at Summit Aviation Engine Overhaul Ltd. in August 2016. JT8D-7B Engine
  • S/N 649238 HSI inspection carried out at Summit Aviation Engine Overhaul Ltd, in August 2016.
  • JT8D-7B Engine S/N 649238 AD & SB incorporation 96-23-14 (5966 R1), 2003-12-07 (A6431 R1), 5966 R1, A6101 & A6475 R1 completed. 
  • JT8D-219 Engine S/N P726201 ASB 6435 (AD2013-16-05 Compliance) carried out at Summit Aviation Engine Overhaul Ltd. In 2013 
  • JT8D-219 Engine S/N P718144 ASB 6435 (AD2013-16-05 Compliance) carried out at Summit Aviation Engine Overhaul Ltd. in 2018.  
  •  Valsan engine conversion & winglet installation completed in 1996. 
  •  All required Airworthiness’ Directives and Service Bulletins are in current compliance. 

 Completely fire-blocked interior installed in 1996. 

 Forward Cabin: 
 The cabin may be entered from the forward left side by means of an integral air-stair that stows beneath the entry floor area. A crew/forward lavatory is located on the far side of the entry area. The cockpit entrance is located just forward of the FWD Flight Attendant seats. A crew rest area/additional storage area is located on the right side of the aircraft just aft of the forward entrance area. On the left side of the aircraft are two storage areas for storage of passenger coats and carry-on luggage.  The forward lounge is accessed through a short passageway on the right- hand side of the aircraft and consists of two hunter green leather club chairs on the right side and a six-seat curved sectional sofa on the left side. Two adjustable height coffee tables are located just in front of the sofa. 

 Mid Cabin: 
 The stateroom is divided into three separate rooms, bedroom, en suite lavatory and private lounge/office. The lockable bedroom features a queen-sized bed which can be articulated away from the windows and also has an adjustable foot position. Cabinets are provided for storage of personal items and clothing and a dressing settee is located at the foot of the bed. A safe for valuables is available in one of the cabinets. The en suite lavatory provides a toilet, bidet and vanity area with a green marble counter top and brass sink with a waterfall faucet. The private lounge/office is fitted with a three-seat couch in beige leather and two hunter green leather club chairs. An adjustable games table doubles as small settee/footrest. 

Aft Cabin: 
 The aft cabin features two green leather club chairs and a three-seat couch facing opposite each other with a dining/games table located in between. A two-seater couch is located on the right-hand side of the fuselage.  An aft lavatory is located also on the right-hand side. 


 A gourmet galley with a new fitted Corian countertop is located in the aft section of the aircraft cabin. The galley consists of a Caggenau high temperature convection oven and induction countertop. A microwave and toaster oven are also provided. Two warming ovens are also located in the galley area to keep prepared meals warm until served. Auxiliary serving surfaces permit the simultaneous preparation of meals for all guests. A subzero refrigerator is available for cold storage and coffee makers and espresso machines are installed for the preparation of hot beverages. Adequate storage space is provided for all necessary crockery, utensils and condiments. 
 External toilet servicing is available for all three toilets in addition to potable water servicing. 
 The inflight entertainment system is currently being upgraded to include the installation of four AUX panels and HD monitors to be located: - FWD Lounge (22" HD Monitor) - AFT Lounge    (32" HD Monitor) The interfacing of the Analogue Audio output of the newly installed AUX panels to provide users the ability to connect personal audio input sources. The connection of the HD Monitors to the existing video system to display the existing Airshow Genisys. The interfacing of the of the HD Monitors with the AUX input panel to allow users to connect personal PEDs to the monitors. (The switching between the different inputs of the monitors will be via the monitor remote control units.) 

Please note that all specifications, descriptions and terms are provided as introductory information only and are subject to correction, modification and/or withdrawal prior to sale and do not constitute representations or warranties. 

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