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Pomoter Double-Drum Winches With Power Packs (4 Sets) - $1.2 Million Value

ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 4 Double-Drum Winches
Manufacturer: Promoter
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Product Location: Singapore

Seller Description

These Double Drum Winches and  Power-Packs are no longer needed for the companies own operation and are sold as asset liquidation.

Watch the Virtual Inspection Video here.
  • Quantity: 4 Sets
  • Type: Pomoter Double-Drum Winches
  • Rating: Each winch is rated for 60 tons
  • Age: about 8 years old.


Winch Specifications:

Winding Pull: 60Ton @ 08 M/min @ 1st layer;

                      30Ton @ 20 M/min @1st layer

Measures : 6.0 m x 3.0 m x 3.3 m  

Weight: 30 ton. 

Drum Capacity: 2 x-1000-M x 52 mm diameter wires

Wire Spooling: 2 x De-clutch able Auto-spool mechanism

Brake Holding: 2 x130 Ton Hydraulic operated band type c/w manual override.

Clutch: 2 x Hydraulic-operated claw type

Hydraulic Motor: 1XHMC280 Staffa Radial Piston type

  Winch Control: Manual lever hydraulic Local control (Control valve fixed winch itself)

250kW Diesel drive engine Hydrauliv Power Pack

The central power pack consists of lx250kw diesel engine drive with one set of piston pump providing full pulling power to the winch and the control for the brake and clutch of the winch. Also one set of vane pump connected to the piston pump for hydraulic oil circulation in to the cooler for oil cooling purpose. The one diesel engine I pump set are mounted on the top of 3000L oil tank with the full set of accessories (Oil filter, Pressure gage, Oil level gage, Relief valve, unloading valve Air cooler etc.) . The starter I control box is to be mounted on the power pack.

Power Pack Specification:

Deutz - TCD 2013L064V

Power /Speed: 250kW @ 1800tpm

Hydraulic piston pump: Rexroth 1 x 150L/Min

Measures  (PHU): 3.0 m x 1.8 m x 1.8 m  

Weight: 5tons



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