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Assortment of Stainless Steel Equipment and Material

Assortment of Stainless Steel Equipment and Material
ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 38 Lots
Product Location: Canada

Seller Description

This Assortment Stainless Steel Equipment and Material is surplus inventory and, therefore, is not needed by the operations of the company that owns it. The equipment does not come with MTRs and the seller does not have the specs of every single item on this list. Buyers should make their offers based on the list provided below and the pictures featured on the listing. The material is unused and is being sold as a package. The seller needs to free up inventory space and is not accepting offers on individual items because that would lower the value of the package.

Lot Red Tag Lot # Description of Items
3   1 Skid of Hose, SS Flat Plate Fittings, Axel Fan plus Misc Construction Materials
4   Hose, Wire, SS Flat Plate Fittings
6 CMD 263 TFF SPRA - Gard Shield, One 2" Valve, Junction Box, SS Flat Plate Fittings
7   Stainless Steel box, Fittings plus Misc Construction Materials
8 CMD 38 Misc Construction Materials, SS Flat Plate Fittings, Boxes of SS plates, Juction Box
9   Misc Construction Materials, SS Flat Plates and Slotted Skims
11 CMD 137  Barrel Cart, 1" Connectors SS, Life Rings, Flanged Braided Spools
17   1 Crate of Misc Items, Micro Motion cable, SS Plate and bolts
22 CMD 64 Misc items, SS Shims, Brass Valve, Allan Key Set
23   1 Skid of Startek Cable Fittings, SS Slotted Shims
27   CPVC Spool Piece, SS Slotted Shims
32 CMD 192 1 Skid of Misc Items, SS Junction box, Emergency lighting
34 CMD 305 1 Skid of Misc Items, Box of Steel Wool, SS Shims
49 CMD 406 90% and 45% SST316 Gores 36x2
57 CMD 41 Hoffman Enclosure SS Cabinet
60 CMD 417 Control Valves, Nuts and Bolts, Fibreglass Enclosure, Beghelli Quartz Lamps, SS Valve
71   Control Panel Encloser SS, SS on and off Power Supply Boxes, Siemens Milltronics MFA4P, Treaded Rod
72 CMD 429  1 Pallet of Stainless Steel Fittings
89 CMD 444 3/4" Air Hose, SS Gear Adapter Plate, CPVC SCH 80 Tees, 1" Carbon Steel , Misc Items
92 CMD 447 Misc SS Gaskets
94 CMD 449 Misc SS Gaskets
97 CMD 452 1 Crate of Blinds, Flanges, SS Fittings
98 CMD 453 Misc Items, SS and Carbon Steel Valves
100 CMD 455 1 Crate of SS Valves
101 CMD 456 1 Crate of Carbon Steel Valves, SS Fittings and Shims
102 CMD 457 SS Instrumentation, Misc Items
104 CMD 459 1 Skid of SS Fittings and Hose
115 CMD 469 Gasket, Fire Hose Class Clips, Star Teck Cable Fitting, Hydralic Cylinder, SS Fittings
116 CMD 470 24" Flanges, Filler Rings 302SS, Steel Gasket
117 CMD 471 Filler Rings 304SS Steel Gasket, 2 Valves
118 CMD 472 Pulsation Dampener, Copper Lighting Wall-Lite Light, SS Steel Strapping SS Steel Gasket
119 CMD 473 Misc Construction Electrical Panel Parts, SS Gasket
121 CMD 475 Electrical Boxes and SS Fitting and Gasket
126 CMD 480 Cut and Rolled SS Tee, Copper Crouse-Hinds Mount Cover
127 CMD 481 Cut and Rolled SS Tee
147 CMD 501 1 Crate of SS Gaskets
165 CMD 519 Stainers SS
170 CMD 524 TTW Insulation Systems 90 Deg SST316 Gores

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