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Palo Drill Drilling Fluid Lubricant (80 Drums)

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ID: 182989142
Quantity: 80 drums

This is unused, surplus Material. The buyer is responsible for loading, freight and logistics to final destination. 

# of Bids: 6 PLACE A BID
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Product Location: Edmonton, Alberta, International, Canada
End Time: Bid As Soon As Possible
Time Remaining: Bid As Soon As Possible
Trader: Ana Santos   +1 832 384 9940ASK A QUESTION

Seller Description

This lubrican is available for sale as unused surplus,  and must be sold to recover funds and inventory space for the owner.

  • Product: Palo Drill
  • Quantity: 80 Drums
  • Description: 
    • a concentrated lubricant that increases the lubricity of all water-based fluids
    • a biodegradable product that minimizes rotational torque, drag and pipe sticking tendency.
  • Specs:
    • Designed for use with water-based fluids
    • Recommended for the prevention and/or reduction of torque and drag, bit balling, differential sticking of drill pipe/casing.
    • Appearance: Light amber Liquid
    • Specific Gravity: 0.92 +- 0.02
    • Solubility: Insoluble in Water. 
    • Flash Point: >100 (open cup)
  • Aplication: For torque and drag reduction, bit-balling or prevention of differential sticking, use 5-10 L/m³. For high angle directional or horizontal wells, use 10-30 L/m³. As a spotting fluid to free stuck pipe, add 20-25 L/m³ into an 8-10 m³ pill of diesel or crude oil. For aid in reducing general surface corrosion, use 3-5 L/m³.
  • Blending: Can be mixed directly into an active mud system or into a pre-mixed fluid, then added to the active main system. It is recommended to be added directly into the suction of the circulating system to be utilized in pill/batch-style or mixed evenly throughout the entire circulating system during complete circulation times. Rotation and working of the drill string during additions is also recommended, when possible. 
  • Packing and storage: 
    • 20L pails per 32 pails per pallet
    • 208L drum
    • 4 drums per pallet

Seller Terms

  • Salvex and the seller have the right to reject any and all offers.
  • This product is sold AS IS, WHERE IS.
  • Buyer is responsible for all taxes, duties, loading and freight charges.
  • Seller does not offer any warranties or manufacturer warranties.
  • Upon receipt of cleared funds, Seller will provide the Buyer a Release Order for item pick up. Title transfers from Seller to Buyer upon issuance of the Release Order.
  • It is Buyer's responsibility to verify quantities and condition at the time of pick up. Once the product has been removed from Seller's location, there will be no adjustments based on quantity or condition.

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