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Irwin 65ft Yacht - Hurricane Irma Affected Vessel

ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 1 Vessel
Product Location: Virgin Islands (British)

Seller Description

This Irwin 65' - Hurricane Irma Affected Vessel ­­is being offered for sale by Insurance company as part of the claim mitigation process. Details are listed below:

Note: This vessel is currently hauled in the dry storage area at Marina and has been reblocked after having fallen over her side during hurricane Irma.  Surveyor has not tested the engines and systems such as air conditioning due to her being blocked up on land. This should be done at the earliest opportunity once the vessel is launched.

  • Description: Auxiliary Sailing Ketch
  • Name: N/A
  • Make: Irwin Yacht & Marine Corp
  • Type: Cruising Monohull
  • Year: 1985
  • Guest cabin configuration: 4 Double en-suite cabins with A/C
  • Length: 65’

NoteThe vessel was employed as a crewed, term charter vessel, and for this it is well suited. This vessel is the quintessential mono-hull term charter vessel. As the vessel was built in 1985, the scantlings and methods of construction employed, resulted in a far more robust anddurable vessel than any currently available production fiberglass vessel. The structural integrity of this vessel is still excellent, and barring collision, grounding or similar occurrences.

Hull Construction

  • Material: Fiberglass reinforced polyester resin 
  • Hull: Solid and cored lay-up, molded fiberglass
  • Deck: Cored lay-up molded fiberglass with molded in non-skid
  • Frames: Integral with hull molding
  • Deck Beams: Integral with deck molding
  • Hull/Deck Connection: Bonded and bolted in way of cap rail
  • Bulkheads/Condition: (8) all good as could be observed
  • Bottom: Rounded
  • Keel: Internally ballasted, with full length keel and skeg hung rudder
  • Stem Type: Raked
  • Stern Type: Plumb transom
  • Comments: The structural integrity of the vessel’s hull and deck structure appears to be excellent.


  • Type/Location: Single diesel engine under main salon sole
  • Make/Model: Perkins 6 cylinder 6-354
  • Year: 1985
  • Horsepower: 200 hp.
  • Vessel Speed: 6 ½ kts.
  • Gear Type: Borg Warner “Velvet Drive”
  • Cooling System: Closed system, raw water cooled via heat exchanger
  • Exhaust System: 2" wet exhaust via Vernalift muffler
  • Fuel Filters: Racor 500FG
  • Fuel Lines and Connections: Approved hoses and fittings
  • Fuel Tank(s)/Shape and Location: (2) Rectangular, fitted to hull, under cabin sole
  • Condition: Good as could be observed?

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