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All Listings > Building Materials > Green Products > GSE BentoLiner NWL Geosynthetic Clay Liner (149 Rolls in Mexico)

GSE BentoLiner NWL Geosynthetic Clay Liner (149 Rolls in Mexico)

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ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 346425 square feet
Manufacturer: GSE
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Product Location: Mexico

Seller Description

This lot of Geosynthetic Clay Liner  is no longer needed for the company's operations and must be sold to recover funds and inventory space. Details are listed below:

Description:  GSE BentoLiner NWL Geosynthetic Clay Liner.  

Definition:  Clay coating composed of a uniform layer of granular sodium bentonite encapsulated between a nonwoven geotextile and a nonwoven Geotextile mesh for dimensional stability, which is designed to waterproof slopes with slopes of moderate to strong where due to loading applications an increase in shear force is required.


  • Needlepunched reinforced composite geosynthetic clay liner (GCL)
  • Comprised of a uniform layer of granular sodium bentonite.
  • Encapsulated between a nonwoven and a scrim-nonwoven geotextile for dimensional stability.

Quantity: 149 Rolls

Note: Size of each roll is 15.41 ft. wide and 150 ft. long.  Each roll is 2,325 square foot and weighs 2,599.25 Lbs.

Roll Dimensions:

  • Width Roll:  Typical each Roll 4.7 m.
  • Length Roll: Typical each Roll 45.7 m.
  • Area Roll: Typical each Roll 216 m.
  • Roll Weight: Typical Each Roll 1,179 kg.

Aplications: The product is intended for moderate to steep slopes and moderate to high load applications where increased internal shear strength is required.

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