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Ready Rack Style Box Bean, Ready Rack Style Up Rights & Safety Bars (48' Flatbed)

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ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 1 Load
Product Location: Canada

Seller Description

This Ready Rack Style  Box Bean, Ready Rack Style  Up Rights & Safety Bars (48' Flatbed) is being sold by a company to recover funds and storage space as part of their surplus.


Lot include :
528 x Ready Rack Style  Box bean 108" x 4" x 1"1/2
Used, very clean

112 x Ready Rack Style  Up rights 36"deep  x 264" in height.
Used, very clean

1216 x safety bar
Used, very clean

  • Total weight 41000 lbs
  • 48' Flatbed

At pick up time, the seller is responsible for providing a person and a forklift to charge the transporter. We require that the transporter is equipped with a flatbed trailer.

  • Those upright and beam are for sale due of a relocation .
  • The racking was disassemble end of july 2016.
  • Since then it's Upright are store outside and beam inside.
  • Those Racking are Use but in really good condition  look like new one.

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