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BBURG HD 1450 Top Hammer Blast Hole Drill Rigs (3 Units)

BBURG HD 1450 Top Hammer Blast Hole Drill Rigs (3 Units)
ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 3 Units
Manufacturer: B BURG
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Model: HD 1450
Product Location: South Africa

Seller Description

These units of Unused Top Hammer Blast Hole Drill Rigs are no longer needed for company's own operation and are being sold as asset liquidation for the owner. Details listed below-

  • Qty: 3 units (Can be sold individually)
  • Manufacturer: BBurg
  • Type: Top Hammer Blast Hole Drill Rigs
  • Model: HD 1450
  • Serial Number Rig 1: 14FRCALL2BMCALQ17
  • Serial Number Rig 2: 16FRCALL2BMCALQ23
  • Serial Number Rig 3: 16FRCALL2BMCALQ24 
  • Condition: Brand new, never used.
  • Drill hole diameter 92 mm -152 mm (152 mm depending on strata conditions)
  • Drill rods type: GT 60
  • Rod length: 4.265mm
  • Automatic rod changer/ No. Of rods: 7 + 1
  • Max. drill depth: 32 m or 33 m with 5.000 mm starter rod •
  • Full hydraulic drifter max. 30kW , torque 2500 Nm, type Montabert HC112
  • Rotation speed 50 -120 U/min
  • Boom rotation 90° to the right and 10° to the left
  • Engine: Deutz TCD 2013 06 4 valve, 238 kW , 2100 U/min, TIR 3 certified
  • Hydraulic system: 3 x variable axial piston pumps, 3 x gear pumps; max. work pressure 320 bar. Feed and rotation are functioning in the closed loop, which reduces diesel consumption by 15 -20%.
  • Hydraulic tank volume: 300l, Diesel tank volume: 500l
  • Transport dimensions (L x B x H): 10.000mm x 2.550 mm x 3.450mm. Weight approx. 21.500 kg


System controls: 

BBURG Drill Logics Control is a hydraulic system which takes the power off the engine which is required at the moment which optimizes percussion, feed and rotation functions.

Drill Logics Control can adjust drill parameters to the rock conditions which helps to minimize the drill rods wear, optimize the drill performance and reduce fuel consumption. Anti-jamming control prevents that the drill rods get stuck during penetration of a cave, or when geological formation changes.

  • 2 x hybrid hydraulic filters, supplied with an electronic replacement indicator.
  • Dust collection system consists of a pre cleaner and a main dust collector. The main dust collector gets emptied automatically during the drilling process and is equipped with 11 filters. Filter area: 11m²
  • The drill hole is kept clean by a 13,5m³@10bar rotary screw compressor (GHH-Rand).
  • Single-piece arm. All the hydraulic cylinders feature hardened piston rods.
  • All important service spots are reachable through the service bay which can be walked into.
  • FOPS -Operator cabin rests on viscose safety dampers. The cabin is supplied with a heating system and optionally with an air conditioner. The adjustable seat is suspended. Tinted windows. BBURG Drill Logics Control with electronic joysticks. The drill angle"and drill depth are indicated on a plasma screen.
  • Undercarriages are HD type, with 2 stage final drive (0 -1,5 / 0 -3,0 km/h). Max. gradeability 28°. Undercarriage can be oscilated +/-10°.

** Please check photos for more details.

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