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Siemens SGT-400 60HZ Gas Turbines and Dual Fuel Driven Generators (3 Units)

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ID: 182970643
Quantity: 3 Turbines
Manufacturer: Siemens
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Model: SGT-400

These turbines are 5 years old and never used. They are still in packaging and an inspection was done by SIEMENS in June 2016 with satisfactory result. These are stationary units. They are direct drive.

These are packed and ready to be loaded and shipped. 

The buyer is responsible for loading, freight and logistics to the final destination.

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Product Location: Texas, United States
End Time: Bid As Soon As Possible
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Trader: Victor Arria   +1868 3927304ASK A QUESTION

Seller Description

These 3 Siemens SGT-400 60Hz Gas Turbine Dual Fuel Driven Generator Packages were for a project that was no longer needed.  They need to be sold to recover funds and inventory space for the energy company.





SGT-400 SR # 4072-001


Unit 1 (Turbine Power Equipment A)

Equipment complete.

SGT-400 SR # 4072-002


Unit 2 (Turbine Power Equipment B)

Equipment complete.

SGT-400 SR # 4072-003


Unit 3 (Turbine Power Equipment C)

Equipment complete.


The blades which were installed  in SGT-400 gas turbines were made out  of high performing Nickel Superalloys as follow:

Turbines Stage               Nozzles                    Blades                     Wheels or Discs

         1                          INCO 738 LC           MAR M247                      INCO 718

         2                          INCO 738 LC           INCO 738 LC                    INCO 718


Engine Core

  • Engine core 12.9 MW(e) rating at ISO.
  • Compressor assembly with variable guide vanes.
  • Dry Low Emissions (DLE) combustion system designed for dual fuel operation.
  • Capability to burn liquid fuel, 2.2% CO2 fuel and 1.7% CO2 fuel (with burner change out).


Exhaust Collector

  • Exhaust outlet casing phased vertically.
  • Exhaust outlet flexible joint.



  • Air inlet casing temperature thermocouples.
  • Turbine compressor discharge temperature thermocouples.
  • Turbine compressor discharge pressure transmitters.
  • Low pressure turbine exhaust outlet temperature thermocouples.
  • Engine bearing temperature monitoring.
  • Rotor speed probe.
  • Non-contacting turbine bearing vibration probes.
  • Key phasor.



  • Separate underbases to carry the gas turbine, auxiliary gearbox and gearbox and generator  fabricated steel construction.
  • Integral lube oil tank constructed from carbon steel.


Lube Oil System

  • Integral lube oil system serving the gas turbine, gearbox and generator.
  • Main lube oil pump, gearbox driven.
  • Auxiliary lube oil pump and AC motor.
  • Emergency lube oil pump and explosion proof DC motor.
  • On-skid lube oil piping, stainless steel.
  • Lube oil pressure transmitter and switch.
  • Lube oil supply temperature thermocouple and transmitter.
  • Lube oil tank temperature thermocouple.
  • Lube oil tank low level switch and annunciation.
  • Two (2) lube oil tank immersion heaters.
  • Duplex type 10 micron lube oil filter, fitted with differential pressure transmitter.


Lube Oil Breather System

  • Low pressure oil mist eliminator constructed of carbon steel.
  • Supply and return pipe work to turbine package Siemens Energy, Inc.                                                               

Oil Cooler

  • 1 x 100% air blast lubrication oil cooler suitable for an ambient air temperature up to 104°F (40°C).
  • Non-return valves for lube oil cooler piping supplied loose for fitting by others.


Engine Auxiliaries

  • Turbine compressor cleaning system for on-line and off-line water washing.
  • Aluminum instrument bodies.
  • Instrument tagging per Siemens standards.
  • Identification and warning labels in English and Spanish.
  • Stenciled skid edge service connection identification, to Siemens format.


Paint Finish

  • Standard Siemens on-shore paint finish.


Start System

  • AC electric motor driven hydraulic starting system.


Dual Fuel System

  • Modular Liquid fuel and Gas fuel system.
  • Automatic changeover capability.


DLE Gas Fuel System

  • On-skid gas fuel piping in stainless steel.
  • Two rapid-acting gas shut-off valves.
  • Independent control of main and pilot gas fuel valves.


DLE Liquid Fuel System

  • Liquid fuel pump, AC motor driven.
  • Duplex type, 10 micron, liquid fuel filter complete with differential pressure transmitter.
  • On-skid fuel piping in stainless steel downstream of filter.
  • Shut-off valves.
  • Liquid fuel grounding.
  • Independent control of primary, secondary and tertiary liquid fuel flows.
  • Off-skid shut-off and thermal relief valves (Supplied loose for customer’s liquid fuel off-
  • skid piping).
  • Liquid fuel startup assist design supplied for improved reliability.


Liquid Fuel Conditioning skid

  • Liquid fuel conditioning system contained on a Painted carbon steel skid.
  • Duplex Liquid fuel filter.
  • Liquid fuel pump.
  • Instrumentation for pressure and temperature monitoring Siemens Energy, Inc.


Air Intake System

  • Three stage combustion air intake filter, fabricated of 316 SS.
  • SS Weather hood/Vane Separator, Prefilter and HEPA filter.
  • Combustion air intake silencer, fabricated of stainless steel, designed for overall sound attenuation to 85dB(A) SPL at 3ft (1m) with distance measured at 5ft (1.5m) above grade.
  • Expansion joint.
  • Transition duct.
  • 90° elbow.


Exhaust System

  • Exhaust diffuser fabricated in stainless steel.
  • Exhaust flex.
  • Secondary diffuser fabricated in stainless steel.
  • Exhaust Silencer fabricated in painted carbon steel with stainless steel internals, designed for an overall sound attenuation of 85 dB (A) SPL at 3ft (1m) 5ft (1.5m) above grade.
  • Exhaust ducting fabricated in stainless steel to a stack 15m above grade

Acoustic Enclosure

  • Enclosure fitted over the turbine bolted to the underbase, for average sound attenuation to 85dB(A) SPL at 3ft (1m) with distance measured at 5ft (1.5m) above grade.
  • Enclosure over the gearbox and generator bolted to the underbase, for average sound attenuation to 85dB(A) SPL at 3ft (1m) with distance measured at 5ft (1.5m) above grade.
  • Internal lighting is provided.
  • Painted carbon steel construction with 316SS internals.
  • Doors and removable side panels for personnel/maintenance access.


Ventilation System

  • Ventilation inlet and outlet dampers.
  • Inertial filter.
  • Ventilation inlet and outlet silencers fabricated of carbon steel, designed for an overall noise level of 85dB (A) SPL at 3ft (1m) with distance measured at 5ft (1.5m) above grade.
  • 2 x 100% AC electric motor driven ventilation fans operating in parallel designed for Class 1.
  • Division 2 Group D area classification, and up to a maximum ambient temperature of 104°F (40°C).


Fire and Gas System

Three (3) Triple IR flame detectors. Two (2) thermal detectors.

Two (2) gas detectors.

Four (4) CO2 cylinders, located off main skid in a weatherproof enclosure, twin-shot fire protection system.

Audible and visible alarms for extinguish and release. Suitable for Class 1 Division 2 Group D area classification.

Provision for weighing the CO2 bottles to monitor charge Siemens Energy, Inc.


Gearbox & Couplings:

Auxiliary Gearbox

  • Auxiliary gearbox incorporating input shaft for start system and output drive for mechanically driven lube oil pump.


Speed Reducing Gearbox

  • Parallel shaft speed reducing gearbox with an output shaft speed of 1800 rpm.
  • Accelerometer vibration probe mounted on the gearbox casing.
  • Designed for 12.9 MW(e) rated core.


Output Coupling

  • Coupling between gas turbine and gearbox.
  • Coupling with torque-limiting device between gearbox and generator.


Coupling Guard

  • Coupling guard fabricated of Aluminum between gas turbine and gearbox.
  • Coupling guard fabricated of Aluminum between generator and gearbox.


AC Generator and Electrical Equipment

  • An 1800 rpm, 4.16 kV, 3 phase, 4 wire, 4 pole, 60 Hz, 0.8 power factor, salient pole brushless AC generator suitable for a safe area.
  • Open Drip Proof (ODP).
  • Generator bearing temperature detectors.
  • Class ’F’ insulation with class ’B’ temperature rise.
  • Outlet and junction boxes.
  • Line side Cubicle including 3 surge capacitors, and 3 lightening arrestors.
  • Neutral Cubicle including 11CT’s (3 for Metering, 3 for Differential Protection, 3 for Generator Protection, 1 for CCCT, and 1 for NGR).


Electrical Accessories

  • All on-package electric devices meet or exceed Class 1 Division 2 Group D classification.
  • All on-package control cabling.
  • Junction boxes located on external surfaces of gas turbine generator.
  • Aluminum cable trays.
  • Integral grounding protection.
  • Emergency ’stop’ push-button on turbine enclosure.


Battery Cabinet

  • Fabricated of painted carbon steel.
  • Suitable for locating in safe area.


Lead Acid Batteries

  • 120 VDC Lead Acid batteries, charger and inverter for 24V DC Supply mounted in the battery rack Siemens Energy, Inc.


Control System:

Unit Control Panel

  • Located on skid incorporating a Human machine interface (HMI).
  • PLC Control System.
  • Turbine sequencing and protection.
  • Fault monitoring.
  • HMI and front panel, text in English.
  • Annunciation.
  • Gas turbine speed control.
  • Temperature monitoring.
  • Turbine vibration monitoring.
  • Generator bearing temperature monitoring.
  • Monitoring of accelerometer on gearbox.
  • Transient logging package for fast data logging.
  • Interlocks for standard fire and gas monitor.
  • Remote Desktop to be located by customer.


Generator Control Panel

  • Located on skid.
  • Automatic voltage regulator.
  • Automatic and manual synchronizing controls with check synchronizer.
  • Generator metering and protection equipment.


Two Year Spare Parts & Special Tools






Power Strip, Surge Protector, 5 Outlet, Sertrex Series



Relay, Switching, 24V, Terminal Block Mounted For Din 35 Rail



Batter AssyLogix5000



Element InstAir Filter Assy, (For 74/60050048/1 & /2)



Output Fuse- 125V/20A DC



Fast Acting Fuse- 3/4A 100KA @ 500VD C/600VAC



Fuse- 24VDC /100ADC



Fuse- 24VDC/ 100ADC Output Semi-Conductor



Filter Element, Carb STL, For Items 1 & 2 of 75/05002071



Filter Element, Lube Oil DC (For 74/05002028/4)



Filter Element, Atex, VGV Actuator (For 64/05002028/34)






Generator 2 year spare



a)   One (1) set bearing liners with seals



b)   Two (2) sets of exciter diodes, forward and reverse



c)   Two (2) surge suppressors



d)   One (1) bearing RTD



e)   One (1) vibration probe

Seller Terms

  • Salvex and the seller have the right to reject any and all offers.
  • This product is sold AS IS, WHERE IS.
  • Buyer is responsible for all taxes, duties, loading and freight charges.
  • Seller does not offer any warranties or manufacturer warranties.
  • Upon receipt of cleared funds, Seller will provide the Buyer a Release Order for item pick up. Title transfers from Seller to Buyer upon issuance of the Release Order.
  • It is Buyer's responsibility to verify quantities and condition at the time of pick up. Once the product has been removed from Seller's location, there will be no adjustments based on quantity or condition.

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