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All Listings > Commercial Equipment > Plastics Manufacturing Equipment > 1993 Sandretto MEGA T 1000 Plastic Injection Molding Machine

1993 Sandretto MEGA T 1000 Plastic Injection Molding Machine

 1993 Sandretto MEGA T 1000 Plastic Injection Molding Machine
ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 1 Machine
Manufacturer: Sandretto
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Model: MEGA T 1000
Product Location: Indiana, United States

Seller Description

 This 1993 Sandretto MEGA T1000 Plastic Injection Molding Machine is being sold for the shipping company after their customer abandoned the unit. According to the seller the weight of the unit was misrespresented by the customer, this was discovered at a scale station, the previous owner refused to pay the additonal fees incurred to move the unit, therefore the current owners have legal ownership due to non-payment.  The unit has been in storage for 6 months.

Loading Details:  It does require special equipment to move due to the weight. The warehouse it is being stored at has a built in overhead crane which makes loading and unloading much easier. It is sitting right by the door so a trailer can be backed in beside it. The crane has enough capacity to handle the machine. The machine is very deceptive, in terms of size it’s not that imposing, however it is very dense. All that weight comes from one end where there are at least two solid steel plates which are each about a yard thick and about 8’ x 8’. Long story short, no additional crane is needed to assist in loading if a buyer is found. However, the new buyer will need a multi-axle trailer to haul.  13-axle unit was required.  ****** We are awaiting further details and specs on this unit.

If you have specific questions, please email me amy@

  • Brand: SANDRETTO

  • Model: MEGA T 

  • Tonnage: 1000

  • Year: 1993

  • Unit  Weight: Appprox 146,240 lbs


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