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Cargo Van Shelving

ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 16 Pallets
Product Location: Pennsylvania, United States

Seller Description

This lot of Cargo Van Shelving is offered by the insurance company to recover the claim value.


Bid Ends 4/22/16 @ 5:00 PM EST

  • Quantity: 16 pallets 
  • It  is enough parts to fit 100 Dodge Promaster (TALL) cargo vains with posts & shelving assemblies 
  • 6 shelves per van.
  • 6 pallets contain 100 shelves each, each pallet of shelves a specific width & length. 
  • 2 pallet of shelves are damaged/burnt product on at least one end of the shelving, all pcs.
  • 4 pallets of shelves are approximately 1/4 burnt(one end row of shelves, and the other 3/4 or 3 rows, are smoke, carbon debris damaged.
  • The shelves are painted plywood with non-slip texture on the top side, and front & back of shelved are mounted into extruded aluminum rails.
  • Shelves mount to end brackets that mount to upright posts. Shelves/end brackets fold up. Shelves rated at 200 lbs.
  • The remaining 10 pallets contain the upright posts that the shelves mount to, and misc. mounting brackets & mounting hardware(3 boxes of hardware, washers, bolts, rivetnuts etc).
  • Pallets of shelving are strapped, but some strapping is melted/burnt, may need to be re-strapped for transport.
  • Some of the hardware listed on the parts list is pre-installed on the upright posts prior to shipping to Mexico, and the remainder of hardware is in containers, & brackets are loose, both inside boxes.
  • Everything in boxes appears unharmed, unaffected by soot or carbon debris.
  • The upright posts are stacked 10 vans worth to a pallet x 10 pallets( 5 posts per van, 3 on one side for two pairs of shelves, 2 on the other side for one pair of shelves.. They are shrink wrapped to pallet, but not completely encased in shrink wrap and have minor soot, carbon debris layer on them.
  •   A few of the posts have minimal surface rust on the cut ends of the posts, apparently due to water from the fire dept.
  • While the post damage is mostly soot and minimal, the product was sold for government contract and distributor feels they cannot sell product as it is, and also unwilling to clean.
  • Distributor did acknowledge the hardware in the boxes is unharmed, but this is the lease expensive parts of the cargo per distributor.
  • Note that this is not the complete system. Not included in this load, but part of the system is floor, ceiling and side walls to encase the inside of the van, and other misc. brackets & hardware. Shelving may be able to be used without wall, floor & ceiling casing.

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