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Granular Urea Fertilizer N46 (500 MT)

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Supporting Documents

ID: 182965408
Quantity: 500 Metric Tons

On 01/09/15 this lot of Urea was affected by rain and sea water during shipping. As a result consignee refused lot due to alleged agglomeration/cake formation. This lot has been ascertained as damaged based on preliminary inspection. Seller has the right to reject all bids. Buyer, is responsible for any loading and/or handling fees. Buyer, must verify quality before removing unit from the location.

The Product is for Tender under the following schedule:

Granular UREA 46% N bulk to be bagged at Djibouti I 500,000  Metric Tons .±_20% to be delivered

CFR &Liner Out in  Ten lots, each lot of 50,000 MT made up of one shipments(batches)  of each 50,000 MT as per the under listed delivery schedule: -

Lot No Quantity in MT Delivery date CFR liner out (Djibouti/ Mitsiwa) Discharge port
1 50,00 November01/2018 Djibouti
2 50,00 November 20/2018 Djibouti
3 50,00 Dcembrer 10/2018 Djibouti
4 50,00 January 10/2019 Djibouti
5 50,00 January 30/2019 Djibouti
6 50,00 February 10/2019 Djibouti
7 50,00 February 28/2019 Djibouti
8 50,00 February 28/2019 * Mitsiwa & or
9 50,00 March 15/2019 Djibouti
  10 50,00 March 30/2019 Djibouti

*   Lot 8 can be offered & shipped on two sub lots : Lot 8A 25,000 MT and Lot 8B 25,000 MT

Shipment is in Bulk to be bagged at quay at port of discharge, at no additional cost to the Purchaser.

Empty Spare Bags equal to 1% of total filled bags are to be supplied free of charge, in all cases. Bids for the respective lot offering delivery period outside of the delivery period stated above will be deemed as non-responsive ."


# of Bids: 78
Claim Value: $2,680,000.00
Product Location: EthiopiaREQUEST LOCATION
End Time: Bid As Soon As Possible
Time Remaining: Bid As Soon As Possible
Market Maker: Ask a Question About This Listing: Agatha Alves   5521970777878

Seller Description

This lot of Prilled Urea Fertilizer is available as a result of a casualty claim and is being offered for sale in 10 tender lots.

Description:  Prilled Urea  

Package: 50 Kg bags

Production Date: August 2014

Nitrogen: 46 %

Country of Origin: China

Quantity: 500 Metric Tons.

Test Results: (Carried out a year ago while unloading at the port)

Test                                                            Method                                     Unit                                Result

Chloride                                                       Titration                                    mg/L                             <3

Moisture                                                      Gravimetry                                % Wt                            0.08

Nitrate as Ammonium Nitrate                     Spectrophotometry                    mg/kg                           0.31

Salinity                                                         Qualitative                                 -                                Negative

Seller Terms

  • Salvex and the seller have the right to reject any and all offers.
  • This product is sold AS IS, WHERE IS.
  • Buyer is responsible for all taxes, duties, loading and freight charges.
  • Seller does not offer any warranties or manufacturer warranties.
  • Upon receipt of cleared funds, Seller will provide the Buyer a Release Order for item pick up. Title transfers from Seller to Buyer upon issuance of the Release Order.
  • It is Buyer's responsibility to verify quantities and condition at the time of pick up. Once the product has been removed from Seller's location, there will be no adjustments based on quantity or condition.

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