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Prime Electrolytic Tinplate Coils (641.125 MT)

ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 641 MT
Product Location: Maryland, United States

Seller Description

This lot of  Prime Electrolytic Tinplate Coils is being sold to recover funds for the insurance company. According to the seller this lot was rejected by the customer due to physical damages incurred during sea transit. Some of the damages include; flat coils, collapsed, no metal wrap, rust and wet packaging.

Loading/ Storage Details:

Container loading; $750.00 (does not include drayage)

Flatbed loading; $300.00/per truck 

Storage: $3.00/nt  pro rate per month (first 10 days free)

Update Inspection 8/13/2014- Besides physical damages, some coils also sustained moisture damages. As once the packages were compromised, the coils will sustain wet damages from moisture and also high humidity. There were a long time of delaying for delivering the coils, some of them were staying in terminal and exposed to outside weather. Some of the coils do have white stains on them, as we didn’t inspect all 82 coils, we inspected some samples of them and could confirm that some of them have wet stains. 

*** SEE THE ATTACHED INVENTORY LIST for width, weight, temper, thickness and damage per coil.

Prime Electrolytic Tinplate Coils

  • 82 Coils
  • 641.125 MT total
  • Origin: China

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