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Electric Mini Moke Car

Electric Mini Moke Car
ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 4 Units
Product Location: China

Seller Description

This lot of Electric Mini Moke Cars are available for sale as surplus from the manufacturer. These units are new and ready to ship.


This vehicle is a Chinese built mini moke following the specifications of the original. Parts from this mini moke are compatible with the original.

Electrical components
Motor: 7.5kw,High-efficiency separately-excited winding motor
Battery: 6*12V, 210A/H, traction battery with big capacity and deep circulation.
Charger: Fully-automatic high-frequency pulse charger, input voltage AC 220V, 50Hz; output current 72V, 30A.
Solar Battery Charger: Solar charger increases range of mini moke by continuously providing charge
Accelerator: induction accelerator 0-12V
DC Module: 72V-12V Direct Current Converter
Dimensions (L*W*H): 3080mm*1440mm*1600mm
Load Capacity: 350kg
Range on Full Charge: 150km (with high power Li-ion battery)

Can be factory configured for left hand drive or right hand drive
Steel Body (Aluminum Variant available at higher price)

The Manufacturer is also interested finding a local partner to assemble these vehicles in the European or American market, the manufacturer is looking for the partner to provide engines that meet regulations for the local market. The manufacturer can provide parts for complete vehicle (excluding engine and transmission) compatible with the original Mini Moke and can provide these parts to order. Please inquire with the Market Maker if you are interested in a partnership or would like to purchase spare Mini Moke Parts.

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