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ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 1 Art
Product Location: New Jersey, United States

Seller Description

This Imi Knoebel painting has a light abrasion that was made during a move.  The owner submitted an insurance claim for this item and was paid by their insurance company.  We are collecting bids on behalf of this insurance company to obtain a  financial recovery for this piece.

Item Details:

  • Artist - Imi Knoebel 1940 -
  • Title - Untitled
  • Size - 22½ x 18 x 2¾in. (57.2 x 45.7 x 7cm.)
  • Medium - Acrylic on shaped panel
  • Signed and dated IMI 75 87 on the reverse
  • Insurance Value: $15,500


  • Originally from CCD Galerie, Düsseldorf
  • Sold at Christie's New York, NY 
    • Sale 7145 - Lot 251
    • Modern & Contemporary Paintings, Drawings & Sculpture
    • 13 February 1991
    • Auction sale price $6,050


The original owner did not want to get this piece restored and the abrasion is very light. There is some very light wear on each of the 7 corners - I do not know if this was original to the piece or this is part of the damage. The abrasion is near the middle of the piece. Please see all the pictures attached.

About the Artist:

Imi Knoebel is widely admired for his body of "Minimalist painting that defies standard pictorial conventions and has drawn comparison with the work of the influential Russian modernist Kazimir Malevich." He was known for black and white sculptures until the death of a friend began what is now seen as a very important exploration in color for the art world. In '24 Colors - for Blinky' a homage to his friend and fellow artist Blinky Palermo, Imi created a series of 24 colorful monochromes, these would become a driver for the colorful work he has done over the past 30 years.

When adopting color for the first time in 1977, Knoebel steadfastly held to his materialist aesthetic. Each component in this epic series is a monochrome polygon. Eschewing familiar geometric shapes, such as rectangles, squares, rhomboids, or trapezoids, Knoebel has conceived each complex form as a unique entity that defies easy identification. Similarly, while each hue is indubitably specific, the collective effect exceeds what can be readily remembered; the result is that in this series color is not used conventionally. Less an expressive or referential device, it assumes an abstract character, which in its polyphony comes to signify color tout court. In these and related ways, Knoebel at once extended his ongoing elliptical investigation into the identity of painting and, for the first time, embraced what is traditionally considered its quintessential feature-color-at its most vital and intense

Together with his fellow students, Knoebel developed a German answer to American Minimal Art in the 1960s. Even while he refrains from emphasizing his authorship in art production and frequently reverts to mathematical principles and serial structures, traces of his "signature" can always be found in his works, even in the monochromatic ones, such as a brush stroke or an uneven application of paint.

Please see the attached list of selected exhibitions (solo and group) and bibliography in a .pdf file.

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