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Patterson Fans - 36"

Patterson Fans - 36
ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 7 Fans
Product Location: New Mexico, United StatesREQUEST LOCATION

Seller Description

This lot of Patterson Fans was donated to the current owner after being used for the year. The owner has been storing them for a year, but does not need them, and would like to sell them to clear out space at their facility.


Component Specifications provided in the attached document


7 Patterson Chain Suspended 36" Turbo Fans


Qty 7 Fans

Model# HV-36

Mount Chain Suspended

Color Blue

Shipping Weight 170 pounds

CFM 19,500

Air Throw 280 feet max.

Coverage 18,000 sq. ft. max.

Voltage 208, 230, 460 (Can cover most voltages with wiring changes)

Phase 3 Phase


Product Description


This 36" tube axial direct drive fan has a unique "venturi" inlet/outlet design which creates an even column of un-disturbed air with a throw distance of 280 feet. The motors and blades are enclosed with the fan housing for minimal airflow resistance and quieter operation. Fan housing inlet and outlet shrouds are constructed of heavy 16 gauge spun steel. The motor mount is welded to the inlet and outlet shrouds.

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