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Broccoli Florets. destroyed

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ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 77550 Lbs
Product Location: Canada

Seller Description

According to the seller these two loads of Broccoli Florets were partially thawed during transit and need to be sold to recover funds.  There are two loads of florets each holding 47 totes x 825lbs net totalling 38,775lbs each. 


Product: 2010 crop, Frexport prod’n, IQF 1’’-2’’ broccoli florets, grade A, in 825 lb totes


Quantity: 2 t/ls each holding 47 totes x 825 lbs net = 38,775 lbs net each


Reason for resale: loads temped out in transit, details below:

  • Product was checked and was at -2F to -4F when shipped from Mexico
  • Tapes show both loads travelled between 18F and 30F

The customer received the loads with following comments:

Florets partially thawed in transit. Recent product temp checks showed loads at 1F to 15F, and 9F to 19F.  Florets are now blocky to block-frozen, with crystallization.

When asked about the Ryan Recorder: "Ryan recorders are quite accurate, proving that these 2 t/ls thawed in transit. Also, the supplier temperature checked 10 totes from each load as they were loading to prove that they loaded the IQF broccoli florets at the right temp. "


When pictures are made available I will post them and send reminders.

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