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11 Gichner M1022 Expandable Shelter Dollies - Mobilizer - California Lot

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ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 11 M1022 Dollies
Product Location: California, United States

Seller Description

This lot is abandoned Dollies that were purchased last year in a government surplus auction and must be sold ASAP to recover storage and moving costs. The pictures included in this auction are for reference only and are not pictures of the actual units offered.
These mobilizers / dollies were designed to move 20' containers and Gichner 20' and 40' Shelters. Attach one to the front and the back of a container and you can move the container like it was on a dolly (with the help of something to pull it)
Dolly Set: Lift, Transportable Shelter, 7½ Ton, M1022.

  • Purpose of Equipment.

    (1) The dolly set is designed to provide full ground mobility for International Standard Organization (ISO) containers and shelters up to 15,000 lb (6810 kg) gross maximum weight.

    (2) The M1022 Dolly Set is designed to lift at ends of containers. With the installation of a side lift kit, the M1022 provides both side lift and end lift capabilities.

    This is a heavy duty mobilizer that was designed to connect to ISO Shelters. Gichner Shelter Systems built over 1000 of these units during the 1980?s and early 1990?s. When the TACOM procurement contact was awarded to Datron in 1993, manufacture of this model was discontinued. They are still in use with active and reserve military units.

    The dolly set consists of one front dolly for attaching to the International Standards Organization (ISO) shelter front and one rear dolly for attaching to the ISO shelter rear. The dolly set can operate with either a 12- or 24-volt direct current (VDC) electrical system power supply. The rear dolly has a non-quick release towing pintle assembly. The dolly set can raise and lower the transportable ISO shelter by means of hand-operated hydraulic pumps and two hydraulic lift cylinders on each dolly. Provisions are also available to operate the hydraulic pumps from air motors included with the hydraulic pump assemblies. The front dolly has a toolbox containing four upper lock pins, four lower lock lugs, four pump handles, one air chuck hose assembly, two sockets, two strap assemblies, one strong arm, four nuts, two plugs, and two wrenches. The intervehicular wiring harnesses and air hose assemblies are coiled and secured to both the curbside and roadside of the rear dolly. A pneumatic hose to be used for connecting the air motors (on the hydraulic pumps) to a suitable air supply is also stowed on the front dolly.

  • Load Capacity 15,000 lbs.
  • Weight 5,580 lbs.
  • Tire Size 11.00 x 20
  • Brake System Air with Wedge Brakes
  • Lift System Hand Pump/Pneumatic

    Model number - M1022

  • Towing vehicle- 2 1/2- or 5-ton Military Prime Mover
  • Operating temperature range. -60°F (-51°C) to 145°F (62.80C)


  • Weight Empty 5,580 lb (2536.3 kg)
  • Weight Payload 15,000 lb (6818.1 kg)
  • Weight Total 10,580 lb (4809 kg)

    Overall Dimensions

  • Ground clearance 16 in. (40.6 cm)
  • Coupled to 14 in. (35.6 cm)
  • Height (towing bar lowered) 110 in. (279.4 cm)
  • Width 96 in. (243.9 cm)
  • Length (without load) Towing bar lowered 197 1/2 in. (490.7 cm)
  • Length (without load) Towing bar raised 137 in. (343.7 cm)

  • Angle of departure 30° slope
  • Shipping cubage Loaded 2, 670 cu ft.
  • Shipping cubage Unloaded . 822 cu ft.
  • Stream fording ability (maximum) 33 inches (84 cm)
  • Maximum towing speed Highway 55 mph (88 kph)
  • Maximum towing speed Cross-country 15 mph (24 kph)
  • Tire pressures Highway service 50 psi (344.8 kPa)
  • Tire pressures Cross-country service and air transport. 25 psi (172.4 kPa)
  • Caster Tires 90 psi
  • Voltage at dolly lights 12 vdc

    Air spring inflation pressure

  • Payload 6000 lb Load on 25 psi
  • Payload 9000 lb Load on 45 psi
  • Payload 12000 lb Load on 60 psi
  • Payload 15000 lb Load on 75 psi

    Unit/Direct and General Support

  • Brakes Actuation - Air
  • Type of mechanism - Automatic adjustment, Stopmaster spring brake unit
  • Air Spring Assembly - Qty 4


  • INTERVEHICULAR EMERGENCY HOSE - Supplies air from the towing vehicle to the dolly set to fill the air reservoirs and initiates an emergency brake application.
  • INTERVEHICULAR SERVICE HOSE - Provides an air pressure signal from the towing vehicle which can tell the emergency relay valves to apply or release the dolly set brake system.
  • AIR RESERVOIRS - Separate reservoirs on front and rear dollies provide the air pressure supply to apply the brakes. (Also, separate air reservoir on rear dolly for parking brake.)
  • EMERGENCY RELAY VALVE (One on front dolly and one on rear dolly) - Applies and releases the dolly set braking system.
  • PARKING BRAKE - Hand activated lever to control mechanized spring brakes (parking brake) on rear dolly wheels.
  • BRAKE ASSEMBLIES -Operated by air pressure to stop the dolly set. There is one brake assembly on each wheel. (Rear brakes also actuated from manually operated parking brake lever for the two rear dolly brake assemblies.)


  • PUMPS - Provide the hydraulic pressure to operate the hydraulic lift system. Operated by hand pump (or from remote air source through an air motor mounted on the pump assembly).
  • PUMP RELEASE VALVE - Places the pump in an operating position (PUMP) or releases the pump pressure (REL) depending on its position.
  • CYLINDERS - Provide the system lifting power. They are independently actuated by hydraulic pressure, each from a dedicated hydraulic pump. The dolly set has four hydraulic cylinders.
  • MANUAL BLEEDER VALVES - Allow each hydraulic cylinder to be independently bled as desired. AIR MOTORS - Provide pneumatic power (when attached to external source of air power (70 to 120 psi)) for automatic operation of hydraulic pumps
  • The M1022 Dolly set can be transported or stored while coupled together
  • Can be used to move a transportable ISO Shelter
  • Can be used to level a shelter on uneven ground
  • Has a straight air braking system
  • Has a mechanical parking brake
  • Has reflectors and a 12 volt light assembly incl a stop and turn signal, blackout marker and blackout stoplight
  • Has an electrical intervehicular connector cable, an electrical junction box, an interdolly cable and a rear dolly harness assembly
  • Has a hydraulic lift system to lift the shelter - air motors are included on the hydraulic pump systems to allow an external air source to power the lift system if desired
  • Towbar is used to steer the dolly set
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