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Modern Awnings (82 Units)

Modern Awnings (82 Units)
ATTENTION: This item is no longer available.
Quantity: 82 Units
Product Location: Arizona, United States

Seller Description

These awnings are available for sale as new surplus. The owner is having health problems, and closed their business, so they would like to sell these in an asset liquidation sale. There are various sizes, models and colors.

  • Qty: 82 Units
  • Size:  arious sizes, models and colors
    • length of bracket: 31.5"
    • Length of board: 47.25"

Black brackets and Brown solid sheet 4mm

Strong and durable-protection from hazardous weather throughout the year
High impact, 4 mm solid panel, naturally blocks 100% of the harmful UV rays

Perfectly integrates with any home design and outdoor environment
Laser cut, powder coated, galvanized steel support arms
Front aluminum gutter directs rainwater sideways
Back hidden rubber gasket seals canopy to the wall surface and prevents water seepage
Easy DIY assembly - no special tools required, kit includes installation hardware
Maintenance free design

Item Series Board Material Bracket Length of Bracket D(CM) Length of Board Qty
1 O/B Series Brown Solid sheet 4mm Black Bracket 80cm/31.5" 120cm/47.25" 5
2 80cm/31.5" 120cm/47.25" 5
3 Clear Solid sheet 2.7mm 80cm/31.5" 120cm/47.25" 2
4 80cm/31.5" 120cm/47.25" 2
5 Aluminum Composite 3mm Grey Bracket 80cm/31.5" 120cm/47.25" 5
6 80cm/31.5" 120cm/47.25" 5
7 N/D/E Series Brown Solid sheet 4mm Black Bracket 100cm/39.37" 120cm/47.25" 5
8 100cm/39.37" 120cm/47.25" 5
9 100cm/39.37" 120cm/47.25" 5
10 Clear Solid sheet 2.7mm 100cm/39.37" 120cm/47.25" 2
11 100cm/39.37" 120cm/47.25" 2
12 100cm/39.37" 120cm/47.25" 2
13 Aluminum Composite 3mm Grey Bracket 100cm/39.37" 120cm/47.25" 5
14 100cm/39.37" 120cm/47.25" 5
15 100cm/39.37" 120cm/47.25" 5
16 G Series Brown Solid sheet 4mm Black Bracket 120cm/47.25" 150cm/59" 5
17 Clear Solid sheet 2.7mm 120cm/47.25" 150cm/59" 2
18 Aluminum Composite 3mm Grey Bracket 120cm/47.25" 150cm/59" 5
17 K-Series PC Solid Sheet 2.7mm Grey Aluminum Bracket 100cm/39.37" 140cm/55.1" 5
18 Aluminum Composite 3mm 100cm/39.37" 140cm/55.1" 5
19 I Series PC Solid Sheet 2,7mm Brown Aluminum Bracket 120cm/47.25" 160cm/63"  

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