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Salvex Solar is a leading supplier of factory new, unused surplus and used and damaged monocrystalline solar panels and multicrystalline solar panels. Our team is working with Solar Developers, Solar Stockists, Distributors and Resellers on a global basis to sell all Photovoltaic panels and other equipment. Salvex Solar works on any project size of Kilowatts (KW) or Megawatt (MW) packages.

Salvex Solar is currently working for corporations globally involved in the development, acquisition and long-term management of residential, commercial and utility scale solar projects. The large global investment in solar energy globally involves solar farm owners, developers, installers and other service providers. Salvex Solar is uniquely placed, due to its global presence in all geographic regions, to provide competitively price solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and other equipment.

Salvex Solar is currently selling solar panels for the home, commercial projects and utility scale projects. Our global trading team is currently working with corporations to sell their unused surplus JA, Canadian Solar, ReneSola, Suniva, Jinko, ET Solar, Trina, SunEdison, QCells, Solar, World, Schuco and other panels manufacturers. In addition to Solar Panels, Salvex Solar supplies and sells BOS Equipment, Inverters, Power Meters, Power Cables, Transformers, Racks, and Installation Equipment.

Salvex Solar is currently supplying solar panels of all sizes including 250W, 255W, 260W, 265W, 270W, 275W, 280W, 285W, 290W, 295W, 300W, 305W, 310W, 315W, 320W, 325W, 330W, 335W, 340W, 345W, 350W, 355W, 360W and all other common sizes of panels.

Salvex Solar is a leading supplier in solar energy industry. Our team is currently operating in all global regions to supply and sell solar panels and equipment. As a global sustainability corporation, Salvex is at the forefront of development of new and more sustainable industries. Solar power and other renewable energy plays a key part in the development of the global economy today and is expanding at an accelerating rate. Green Energy is now competitively priced due to the scale of projects globally that have reduced the average solar panel cost. The price of solar panels has created an opportunity for all energy users to utilize alternative energy. Salvex Solar is the global source of solar panels for sale for anything from household to utility scale usage.