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Our Objective and Available Tools

The objective is for buyers and sellers to enjoy a positive experience by providing them with tools of the trade and a venue for conducting the sale of their asset recovery and salvage products. We have created 3 types of venues under our web site umbrella in response to the needs of the market place.

  1. Enterprise Software: We have developed Enterprise software to handle asset recovery and claims for adjusters, insurance companies, large corporations and transportation companies to sell their damaged and end of life assets. Programmers have written over one million lines of code to create software that allows sellers to track their sales, manage redeployment of assets, manage multiple selling locations and projects, and dispatch inspections. The software is browser friendly so it does not take up computer memory and can be accessed 24/7.
  2. Online Auctions: Speed to market is important for our customers and online auctions are the best way to achieve this. To maximize the recovery for assets it is important to create a competitive environment that is globally extensive. Buyers are allowed to bid multiple times until the end of the auction and buyers are notified if and when they are outbid. When the auction is over the sellers will receive a comprehensive activity report, including high bidder and additional information to help them quickly expedite their sale.
  3. Commercial Classified: As commercial products are sometimes difficult to sell quickly due to the sophisticated nature of certain items, Salvex has created a Commercial Classified option, which allows the product to be posted until it is sold. This venue allows difficult to sell products the time required to find the proper buyer and allows the sellers to receive bids as they come in on a real time basis. The reserve price will continue to drop until the item sells or the seller decides to accept a buyers bid.