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Who We Are

SALVEX was founded by the Wilson family with 45 years of salvage experience. The founder and CEO, Charlie Wilson, was also founder of SeaRail International Inc., a traditional salvage services company; founder and CEO of SalvageSale, another online commercial salvage company.

The combined experience listed above has given Salvex and Charlie Wilson a clear advantage in the salvage marketplace by combining new emerging technologies with global salvage experience. The strategy is to partner with existing service companies and manufacturing companies dealing with insurance claims, bankruptcies, liens, mishandled cargos, and asset recovery working together to recover as much money as possible for their salvage goods. Most products are commercial from all 16 major sectors of commerce. The retail products are usually large quantities that require special types of buyers. SALVEX has found innovative ways to match buyers and sellers through sophisticated database categorization, which pairs the right products for sale with the best potential buyers. The suppliers enjoy quick and easy access to the global secondary markets by creating a legible, easy-to-read listing with accurate and comprehensive information, enabling the potential buyers to easily access global salvage opportunities and reintroduce these unfortunate products back into the world of commerce. This entire 'exercise' is recycling at its optimum level, reaching all corners of the world.

After handling over 20,000 salvage deals globally, Salvex has developed relationships with adjusters, inspectors and marine surveyors. Salvex has utilized these contacts and experts to offer back inspection work from our major clients. The experience with these individuals, backed by an enterprise claims software, allows Salvex to offer tools that give their clients a competitive advantage.