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The following listings are no longer available for sale.
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54 MW Packet Natural Gas Power Plant Gas Engine 20V34SG / Wartsila 1 Power Plant Izmir, International BID ASAP 182985860
60 MMSCFD Natural Gas Cryogenic Processing Plant 1 Gas Processing Plant Conroe, Texas USA May-29-17 09:00 AM CST 182972424
8" Meter Tube 1 Tube Bloomington, Texas USA BID ASAP 182951929
Ajax E-42 Gas Engines (2 Units) 2 Gas Engines , Nebraska USA BID ASAP 182984776
Arrow C-106 Gas-Fueled Engine w/ AFR Controls (2 Units) 2 Engines Beaver, Oklahoma USA BID ASAP 182984774
Bio-Gas Plant Components (1 Plant) 1 Plant Vienna, BID ASAP 182983762
BPE Pipe from Korea - Prime Grade: ASTM A-53 Grade A ( 61 pcs ) 61 Pipe segments Houston, Texas USA BID ASAP 183000029
Choke Manifold 1 Unit Haughton, Louisiana USA Aug-08-14 01:22 PM CST 182957927
CNG Equipment 1 Lot Shreveport, Louisiana USA CST 182955342
CNG Filling Station (Dispensers, Ward Fuel Card Reader, Compressors and Storage Tanks) 1 CNG Filling Station Chatham, Louisiana USA BID ASAP 182987243
Danalyzer Dual Gas Chromatograph 2350A Series 1 Unit Miami, Florida USA BID ASAP 182957493
Dehydration Unit 1 Unit Haughton, Louisiana USA BID ASAP 182957834
Filter Separator 1 Separator Horseheads, New York USA BID ASAP 182951421
Gas and Oil Fired Power Plant with Alstom Turbine and Elin Generator (285 MW) 1 Power Plant Vienna, International BID ASAP 182970346
Gas Compression Station Materials: Valves, Compressors, Generators (UK) 1 Lot Middlesbrough, International BID ASAP 182953511
GAS PLANT EQUIPMENT - Assortment of Couplings, Adapters, Bolts, Brackets, Bushings, Cables, Connectors, Diaphragms, Filters, Gauges, Levers, Nozzles, Nuts, Plates, Plugs, O-Rings, Seals, Tubes, Washers and Other Materials 6821 Items , International BID ASAP 182979024
Gas Processing Plant 1 Plant Austin/ Midway, Texas USA BID ASAP 182971489
John Zink Gasoline Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) 1 Unit Abilene, Texas USA BID ASAP 182963200
John Zink Model ZCT-2-8-35-X-2/8 Enclosed Flare 1 Unit Dumfries, Virginia USA BID ASAP 182994789
LACT Skids 1 LACT Skid , Oklahoma USA CST 182994889
Liner Heaters 4 Units Haughton, Louisiana USA Aug-08-14 01:21 PM CST 182957926
LPG Spherical Tank (2000 m3 Capacity) 1 Spherical Storage Tank Istanbul, BID ASAP 182947796
Power Plant Parts: Impellers, Oil Pumps, Filters, Bearings, Nuts, Spring Studs (89 Items) 89 Items Topeka, Kansas USA BID ASAP 182978696
Propane Rotor 1 Rotor Firenze, BID ASAP 182950285
Reboiler Units 1 Lot Dilley, Texas USA Jan-23-13 02:14 PM CST 182950384
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