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The following listings are no longer available for sale.
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40 oz Lobster Bisque / King Crab & Corn Chowder (Refrigerated, Not Frozen) 30000 Approx Lbs Winnemucca, Nevada USA BID ASAP 182997082
Broccoli Florets. destroyed 77550 Lbs Woodstock, International BID ASAP 182939882
Chicken/Beef/Tomato Bouillon 3324 Containers Houston, Texas USA BID ASAP 182933056
Empire Kosher Organic Vegetable Broth (21,600 units) 21600 Items Los Angeles, California USA BID ASAP 182995806
Frozen Soups: Cobblestreet Market (IMA) California Medley Soup, Madrona Market (FSA) Split Pea with Ham Soup, Cobblestreet Mkt Tomato Florentine Soup, etc. (4/4lbs 16lb case) 15983 Cases Salem, Oregon USA BID ASAP 183005788
Frozen Soups: CS Creamy Tomato Basil Bisque, MM Split Pea W/ Ham Soup, Fagioli, etc. (4/4lbs 16lb case) 1187 Cases Atlanta, Georgia USA BID ASAP 183006376
Frozen Soups: CS Creamy Tomato Basil Bisque, SS Roasted Potato Indulgence, CS Beef Chili W/ Beans, etc. (4 Lb. Bags) 2334 Cases Allentown, Pennsylvania USA BID ASAP 183006377
Healthy Choice Soups 288 cases Plainview, New York USA Dec-18-09 01:00 PM CST 182938575
Hot Can Soup & Beverages 129960 Pcs Los Angeles, California USA BID ASAP 182955975
Meijer Chicken Noodle & Dumpling Soup 5880 Cases Bolingbrook, Illinois USA Apr-10-15 01:00 PM CST 182961072
Natural Chicken Broth Powder 3200 Kgs Rayong, International BID ASAP 182989827
New England Clam Chowder / Bulk Pack H&S 1260 Cases Atlanta , Georgia USA BID ASAP 182955987
Organic Vegetable Broth & Turkey Stock 1620 Cases Kansas City, Kansas USA May-04-15 01:00 PM CST 182961441
Soup Base Powder ''Honig'' brand 32976 units Brussels, BID ASAP 182954903
Soup Powder 32976 Units Brussels, International BID ASAP 182954361
Soup, Chick Broth with Noodles 145 Cases Atlanta, Georgia USA BID ASAP 182937812
Soup, Frozen, 18 Truckloads 22440 Cases Forest City, North Carolina USA BID ASAP 182939321
Special Offer / Soup Offer 0 , CST 182947572
Page 1 of 1 (18 records) 1