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The following listings are no longer available for sale.
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Item  Qty  Location  End Date  Item # 
60" Fiber Optic Christmas Tree 292 Trees Brownsville, Texas USA Oct-20-06 01:01 PM CST 182933676
Assorted Party Caps/Hats 192 Units Chicago, Illinois USA BID ASAP 182958528
Assorted Polcraft Christmas Ornaments 1 Lot Valencia, Pennsylvania USA BID ASAP 182958573
Bandages 5040000 Bandages Charlotte, North Carolina USA BID ASAP 182957352
Beverage Can Wraps 65000 Beverage Can Wraps Santa Ana, California USA BID ASAP 182931416
Birthday Candles 42000 Packs Colchester, International BID ASAP 182932924
Bridal Bubble Pens 25920 Bubble Pens Des Plaines, Illinois USA BID ASAP 182938689
Children's Novelty Toys & Party Products 1 Lot Adelaide, International BID ASAP 182940350
Christmas and Holiday Floral & Candle Centerpiece Teleflora Supplies 516 sets Edison, New Jersey USA BID ASAP 182956898
Christmas Greeting Musical Cards (70 Master Case) 70 Master Cases Miami, Florida USA BID ASAP 182968827
Christmas Lights 125 Cases Brooklyn , New York USA BID ASAP 182936556
Cocktail Napkins (Bacardi Brand) 75 Cases Houston, Texas USA BID ASAP 182953433
Coleman 50 Quart Coolers 70 Coolers Houston, Texas USA BID ASAP 182964056
Concert Stage, Heavy Duty Gazebo, and Party Tent 1 Lot Houston, Texas USA BID ASAP 182947317
Consumer Products (Screwdrivers, Cups, etc) - Truckload, Mixed Lot 1 Mixed Lot Green Bay, Wisconsin USA BID ASAP 182943856
Cups, Plastic, Coca Cola Soda Fountain 766 Cases New Lenox, Illinois USA Jun-10-10 01:00 PM CST 182940190
Custom Built Commercial Christmas Decorations 1 Lot Humble, Texas USA BID ASAP 182939061
Cutlery Bulk-Extra Heavy Duty-White 201 Cases Atlanta, Georgia USA BID ASAP 182954581
Decorative Napkins (Padibbles) 35000 Packs Houston, Texas USA Sep-04-12 03:00 PM CST 182948691
Dessert Party plates made by Solo 18000 Plates Rogers, Arkansas USA BID ASAP 182933112
Disney Party Supplies 80000 items Miami, Florida USA BID ASAP 182943842
Gift Basket Wrapping Paper 56160 Rolls Houston, Texas USA Jan-21-05 01:00 PM CST 182931836
Gift Wrapping Paper in Different Colors (Matt Finish) 81634 Linear Feet San Diego, California USA BID ASAP 182972407
Glow-in-the-Dark Shot Glasses, Glow Cups and Glow Modulars -- One Time Use 20200 units Kingston, International BID ASAP 182953957
Halloween Accessories 1227 Units Houston, Texas USA Oct-11-07 01:10 PM CST 182934906
Page 1 of 3 (64 records) 1  2  3 >>