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Aviation Spare Parts (2,993 Items)

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ID: 182979719
Quantity: 2993 Items

Out of service, but in working condition.

# of Bids: 5
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Product Location: Canton, Georgia, United States
End Time: Bid As Soon As Possible
Time Remaining: Bid As Soon As Possible
Market Maker: Ask a Question About This Listing: Stephen Swisher   7082883177


This lot of ­­­­­Aviation Parts is no longer needed for the company's operations and is being sold to free up inventory space. Items must be sold as one lot.

Details are listed below:

Item Description Manufacturer Model Number Quantity
Wind Speed Transmitter AAI  62828-90113-24 109
PC Card, DVIP timing logic #1 Enterprise Elec. 106016 3
Multiplier, High Voltage Aydin Controls 351-5677-501 16
PC Card, Time digitizer A Servo 400065-19 7
Cable Assembly, 53" long w/plugs  Servo B8250-004 4
Indicator Light, Green OAK  14-35180-7P3TL 5
PC Card, Time digitizer B Servo 400065-20 4
PC Card, Vertical circuit Enterprise Elec. 105054 2
Cable, 12-conductor   J139-CX-1285/U 2
Printed Wiring Bd, Dewpoint  Labarge 94D1524 1
PC Card, CRT voltage divider Enterprise Elec. 104859 4
Power Supply, AC 6-30VDC Labarge 35X037 2
Relay, Motor Power P&B P25P42A22P1-120 1
Printed Wiring Bd, Goes control Labarge 94D2243 2
PC Card, R/ACU panel display Servo 400065-57 2
Meter, Frequence 1660-1700MHZ Prime Tech. 1136A1030AA9036 4
Wind Speed Sensor Labarge 94D1535 2
Firewall, 5 port w/o power adpter   2200282-201 3
PC Card, DVIP HEX buffer Enterprise Elec. EEC-101415-2 10
Poteniometer, 100OHM Clarostat MFG RA30NASD101A 5
Relay Allied Control Co MH-6D 45
Cable Assembly, Antenna safety switch   W1101 11
Fuse Holder, Extractor post   HKR22-33V 13
Lead, High Voltage AMP inc 1-840327-3 6
Capacitor, Electrolytic 120MF   CE44C121P 19
Resistor, 1500 OHM Ohmite MFG 610 5
Gasket Cardwell Condenser 400527-1 3
PC Card, ECC Generator Enterprise Elec. 105040 5
Lens Cap, White Dialite  162-1475 211
Toggle Switch, 4 pole   MS2452523 10
Capacitor, Electrolytic 52000MFD Cornell Dubilier FAH52000MFD25-D3 10
Attenuation Pad, 6DB Applied Research HFAN506 1
Resistor, Dual Variable, 25K OHM ALLEN BRADLEY JD1N056P253UA 22
Wrench, Spanner   J150G240-1 81
Brush, Slip ring contact   SCC93991 70
PC Card, meter muliplier Enterprise Elec. 1048201 10
PC Card, DVIP D/A Reset timer Enterprise Elec. 106013 11
Capcitor, Electrolytic, 20MFD   CE13C200M 39
SMB T-Adapter   PE9302 8
Toggle Switch, 2 pole    MS24524-22 2
Potentiometer, 10K Beckman Inst. 66PR10K 37
Cable, 10.7MHZ, 24" Pasternack PE3915-48 13
P.C. Card, DVIP Comparator Enterprise Elec. 106049 3
Gear, 39T-24P Servo A8253-132 7
Switch, Digiswitch Digitran co 8078/230 4
Switch, Rotary DPDT Janco 1906M-2-2N 4
Bearing, WD sensor New Hampshire Ball Bearing SR4PPK25 5
Mount, Rubber 2 studs U.S. Rubber 321A 232
Gear, Spur, 35 teeth Cardwell Condenser 201007 89
Bearing   Z4993L03XIE 176
Switch, Pushbutton, 2step Otto P4324222 4
Circuit Breaker, 2 pole 20A Airpax UPL-11-1-62-203 4
Disk, Clutch, Driving Cardwell Condenser 103756 3
Connector, Plug MIL MS90335-1 20
Connector, Receptacle 15 socket contacts ITT Cannon Elec. DA15S 26
Relay, 2PDT, coil 2/12VDC Allied Control Co T351-2C-2/12 9
Switch, Pushbutton, NO Otto P1-71122 2
Meter Multiplier, high voltage power supply Enterprise Elec. 106186 1
Relay Teledyne 412-26 9
Switch, Toggle 1 pole MIL MS24523-31 3
RF pressure Seal, T_R tube Varian 399825 12
Coupling, Shaft, flexable Renbrandt A-201-4 1
Switch, Synchroverter Motorola 40B8659 3
Gear Pic Design Corp G43-48 15
Bumper, Stop     4
Gasket, Shield Enterprise Elec. 201072 3
Connector, Receptacle 9 socket, 5A ITT Cannon Elec. DE-9S 28
Indicator, Light, 5V Green Data display  C91-BG5H-CG0 159
Terminal, Insulated teflon Terminal Designs 82-1516white 210
Terminal Board Cambridge Thermionic 1401-2-5 13
Oscillator, 12MHZ Vectron Lab C0238A 8
Capacitor, Mylar, 2MFD Electro Cube 210B1B205K 3
Resistor, 30K, 11W Ohmite MFG 995A-10A-30K 11
Capacitor, Ceramic, 1MFD 50VDC MIL M39014-02-1419 7
Indicator, Light, 5V, red Data display  C91-BR5H-CR0 150
Indicator, Light, 5V, Amber Data display  C91-BR5H-CA0 153
Connector, Receptacle, 9pin ITT Cannon Elec. DE-9P 18
Connector, Receptacle, 50pin ITT Cannon Elec. DD-50P 17
Switch, Toggle, SPDT  C&K Components 7101-SYZQ 69
Bearing   MF4DD-C1 60
Inductor, Choke 33UH Miller JW CO 9310-52 9
Solenoid   J150-A1281-1 3
Collar, Cartridge Logicon W200889-1 90
Bearing, 37KDD   5PS56HC1 3
Resistor, Variable 10 KOHM Helipot 10K-G 5
Capacitor, Mylar 1MFD APC MFG ACR50-1-10 47
P.C. Card, Synchronizer #4 Enterprise Elec. 104849 1
Fuse Holder, Extractor post Littelfuse 344125A 23
Connector, 50 Socket ITT Cannon Elec. DD-50S 24
Fuse Holder, Extractor post Indicator Littelfuse 344250 38
Transformer Triad R-104B 4
Shaft, Local angle indicator drive Enterprise Elec. 102108 2
Resistor, 0.1 OHM, 25W Dale Elect. RH25-.1OHM 3
Bezel, CRT Enterprise Elec. 101659 5
Gear,  Pic Design Corp G25-90 15
Gear   451-1500/x 14
Switch, Sensitive SPST Honeywell BZ-2RS04 1
Switch, Toggle, 3PDT  Cutter-Hammer SF3SCW191 1
Capacitor, Glass 0.047MFD Corning Glass CK31BV47 60
Resistor, 30 OHM, 50W Dale Elect. RH250-30 13
Ribbon, metal   49982 15
Bearing   Z993L00 6
Gear,  Pic Design Corp G25-30 17
Shaft, Local angle indicator drive   202564 2
P.C. Card, Synchronizer #1 Enterprise Elec. 104832 2
Gear   Y6416 41
Connector, Receptacle, 15  pin 5A ITT Cannon Elec. DA-15P 11
Resistor, 0.1 OHM, 5W Dale Elect. RS5-0.1 17
Pin, Stow-lock Assy   201018 2
Elevation Local angle indicator assy   400625 2
Handwheel, Stow-Lock   201051 4
Power Supply, +/-15 & +/-28 VDC Enterprise Elec. 104982 7
Cover, KVM Keyboard Smart Solutions 2200133-209 130
Cable Assy, Multiple Coazial 600" Unisys 1214818-301 11

Seller Terms

  • Salvex and the seller have the right to reject any and all offers.
  • This product is sold AS IS, WHERE IS.
  • Buyer is responsible for all taxes, duties, loading and freight charges.
  • Seller does not offer any warranties or manufacturer warranties.
  • Upon receipt of cleared funds, Seller will provide the Buyer a Release Order for item pick up. Title transfers from Seller to Buyer upon issuance of the Release Order.
  • It is Buyer's responsibility to verify quantities and condition at the time of pick up. Once the product has been removed from Seller's location, there will be no adjustments based on quantity or condition.
Location shown on the map is in the general vicinity of the actual location.

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