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Aluminum Canteen Water Bottles (4,500) Swiss Military Calibre brand

This is lot of  4,500 units of Aluminum Canteen Bottles (Swiss Military Calibre brand) are being sold to recover funds and storage space.


They are brand new, neat and clean--as shown in photo.  Case pack is 90. However, someone is selling these on AZ USA for 25-bucks a piece.  The coating is anodized black and there is an anodized gold area around the rim where the cap screws on.  For sure the carribener and key-chain loop hanging off the cap is not Swiss made.  The only origin markings on the bottles is "pure Swiss". 

On Box Label:  SKU:SMWBA

Weight: (Unit in box)  4.8 ounces
Out of Box - 3.1 ounces
Box: 8.39x3x3 inches
Bottle:Diameter - 72 mm
Height With Lid - 21 cm OR 8.27 inches
Height Without Lid - 18.2 cm OR 7.17 inches
Inspections are possible with notice.  Samples are also available. 
There is no UPC on the item.  Seller can furnish the UPC number and print the small labels free of charge.  Putting them on the items is not included. 
Quantity: 4500 Bottles
Condition: Was originally part of a gift-set program which was discontinued. Bottles are being closed-out.
# of Bids: 49
Asking Price: Please log in to view Asking Price.
Retail Value: $112,500.00
Original Wholesale Value: $56,250.00
Product Location: Wood Ridge, New Jersey 07075, United States
End Time: Bid As Soon As Possible
Time Remaining: closed
Market Maker: Jose Garcia   713-229-9000 x119
Location shown on the map is in the general vicinity of the actual location.

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