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5" Drill Pipe G105 19.6 ppf

This lot of 5" Drill Pipe  is available as surplus and is being sold to recover funds and storage space for the owner.

  • Product 5" Drill Pipe G105 19.6 ppf
  • Quantity 213 Joints
the v Variant Description U of M QTY
DP.20.15.051 B 5" Drill Pipe, G-105, 19.6ppf. JOINT 213


Quantity: 213 Joints
Condition: Surplus pipe. Please see photos.

Seller has the right to reject all bids. Buyer responsible for any loading and/or handling fees. Buyer must verify quality & quantity before removing product from the location. Seller will not prepare any kind of paper work required for the export of these pipes.
# of Bids: 14
Product Location: Doha, International, Qatar
End Time: Bid As Soon As Possible
Time Remaining: closed
Market Maker: Joe Collins   713-206-5632
Location shown on the map is in the general vicinity of the actual location.

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