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Sculpture "Heroic Spirit" by Frederick Hart

This Sculpture by Frederick Hart was damaged in a move that broke off the arm of one of the figures in the sculpture.  We are selling this for an insurance company to provide a financial recovery for this loss.  Very beautiful item even with the one small broken arm - of particular interest is there are figures that are embedded within the lucite as well as the items that appear to be emerging from the lucite.  A very beautiful piece of art.  The pictures that I have taken do not really show the piece in all its glory - I have included some other photos that are clearly marked "Stock Photo" for your reference.

  • Artist - Frederick Hart
  • Date - 1991
  • Clear Acrylic Resin / Lucite
  • Size - 26" x 17" x 14"
  • Limited Edition - # 160 / 1000
  • Claim Value - $14,500
  • Damage - the arm of the woman figure broke off just above the elbow - the arm is included in the sale.
About Frederick Hart, the artist and his work:

Although he has stated that innovation is not a priority for him, his pioneering use of Lucite, including a process that he patented, is evidence that he is not an artist enslaved by the past. I find the Lucite work of particular interest.
J. Carter Brown
Director Emeritus, National Gallery of Art

Frederick Hart had mastered the idea of pulling figures from stone through his years as a stone carver and later as the master sculptor of the important The Creation Sculptures at Washington National Cathedral. He also achieved major recognition as the sculptor of the great bronze Three Soldiers, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington, DC.

Hart’s desire to delve into the nature of being and non-being, first explored with the Cathedral work, led him away from traditional materials toward experimentation with a 20th century material, clear acrylic resin. Although artists have been casting bronze and other metals since antiquity, no legacy of casting clear acrylic existed when Hart first determined to master the new medium. Over the course of years of experimentation and perseverance, Hart became the first artist to cast figurative work in clear acrylic resin. He also patented a process of embedment, the casting one acrylic work within another.

Quantity: 1 Scupture
Condition: Great condition except for the broken arm
# of Bids: 13
Claim Value: $14,500.00
Product Location: Sparta, New Jersey, United States
End Time: Bid As Soon As Possible
Time Remaining: closed
Market Maker: Jonathan Dietz   713-229-9000 x116
Location shown on the map is in the general vicinity of the actual location.

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Bid History

  Bidder Location Date Amount
1. Illinois, United States 03/17 10:33 PM $689.00
2. Kansas, United States 01/29 12:28 PM $650.00
3. Illinois, United States 03/17 10:33 PM $650.00
4. Maryland, United States 04/23 07:37 PM $625.00
5. Illinois, United States 03/17 10:32 PM $609.00
6. Illinois, United States 03/17 10:32 PM $598.00
7. Illinois, United States 03/17 10:26 PM $555.00
8. Washington, United States 04/19 03:48 PM $525.00
9. Maryland, United States 04/19 03:45 PM $500.00
10. Washington, United States 04/11 12:53 PM $400.00
11. Maryland, United States 04/09 01:55 PM $350.00
12. Michigan, United States 04/08 07:03 AM $300.00
13. Washington, United States 04/03 05:52 PM $200.00

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