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ATM's - Wincor Nixdorf Pro Cash 1500

This lot of Wincor Nixdorf Pro Cash 1500 ATM's is being sold by a national convenience store chain in order to upgrade to a new ATM system.
·         Item:   Wincor Nixdorf Pro Cash 1500 ATM
·         Quantity:   250 ATM's 
·         Condition:   Used
·         Display:  12.1" TFT LCD SVGA (1024 x 768) Touch screen
·         Cash Dispensing:  Dispenser Module (2x Cassettes)
·         Printers:  Thermal Receipt and Journal
·         Safe:  Security Level UL 291 Level 1 (925.68 lbs.)
·         Jack: Braille and Headphone Jack
·         Designed for:  indoor use
·         Operating Systems:  None (Hard Drives Have Been Removed).  However, the Original Wincor Nixdorf Installation Media (Windows NT With COA, Driver/Utilities, Firmware and NDC Software)  is available.
·         Frontload or rearload, Compact system dimensions,Standard PC
·         Standard LCD display
·         Best-in-class ergonomics and design
·         Optional lighted indicators at all input and output modules, labeling in Braille cash dispensing and information display (e.g. balance inquiry)
The ProCash 1500 can be enhanced to meet a customer's specific needs:
·         Load/unload electronic purse
·         Print receipts or other documents, Issue and/or print tickets or vouchers from multi-use cassettes
·         Multimedia components , Audiosystem (loudspeaker/headphones)
Units will be shrink-wrapped and palletized by the seller
Quantity: 250 ATM''s
Condition: Seller claims these ATM's are used in working order and are being removed from retail stores across Texas

Buyer is responsible for verifying quality and quantity before removing ATM's from warehouse
# of Bids: 19
Asking Price: Please log in to view Asking Price.
Product Location: Houston, Texas 77041 , United States
End Time: Bid As Soon As Possible
Time Remaining: closed
Market Maker: David Anderson   713-229-9000 x124 / 817-446-1133
Location shown on the map is in the general vicinity of the actual location.

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